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Sticker Contest 1.0 Winners Announcement!

  • このエントリーをはてなブックマークに追加

Entry is now closed.

Choose from 20 different themes!


  • Happy
  • Moved
  • Love
  • Awesome
  • Embarrassed
  • Entertaining
  • Thanks
  • Yes
  • No
  • Begging
  • Sad
  • Pitiful
  • Adorable
  • Pretty
  • Amazing
  • Cute
  • Cool
  • Happiness
  • Determined
  • I'm Sorry

Key Points!

Easy to use!
Stickers need to be easy to use in messages and be able to convey emotions.
The bigger the better!
In order to make your stickers easier for users to see they should be as close to the maximum size allowed as possible.

'I want to participate but I can't draw'
'I can't design characters'
People like you can join too!

We have line art prepared for people to color in.
Words and designs can be added.
Just have fun with it.

Download Lineart

    • Happy
    • Awesome
    • Embarrassed
    • Yes
    • No
    • Sad
    • Adorable
    • Amazing
    • Determined
    • I'm Sorry

Just click on the picture
you want to color to download it.

Download Lineart (Digital Use)

How to participate by mail
You can also print out stickers and join.

Download Lineart (For Print)

Can I just submit one sticker?
Yes you can.
Can I select more than one theme?
Yes you can.
Can I submit more than one sticker for one theme?
Yes you can.
Can I submit a black and white sticker?
Yes. You can submit black and white or color stickers.
I don't want to design a character.
Can I submit a symbol instead?
Yes you can submit symbols ex. a heart or sparkles.
Yes you can submit symbols ex. a heart or sparkles.
Can I use MediBang's characters?
Sure! Ex. You can do 'Love' using Medi Chan or 'Moved' using Medi Squid.

Sticker Contest 1 Entry

Entry Period
Tues Jul 21st 2015 〜 Thurs Aug 20th 2015
Characters owned by a third party can be used with permission from the owner.
  1. Picture file format


    (File size:under 30MB)

  2. Size (Width × Height)


    using the LINE Stickers (1x) document size in MediBang Paint will create a file this size.

  3. Comment (150 characters)

    Sticker character name, and when the sticker is meant to be used and things like that.

How to Enter

After creating a MediBang account and logging in click the 'Enter Contest' button on this page to go to the art submission page. On the art submission page click the 'Sticker Contest' button to upload your stickers and enter the contest.

For people not submitting digitally first download and print the sticker form, write a username and email adress, comment, draw your submission, and then mail it in.

Shibuya Infoss Annex Level 1, 12-10 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0031, JAPAN
MediBang! 'Sticker Contest Entry' Team

※We will not be able to display every entry.
※Entries submitted by mail will not be returned.

Once the submission period is over the winning submissions will be posted by MediBang!. The contest winners will be contacted by MediBang by email.
MediBang! will choose the winners

Grand Prize (up to 5 winners): 10,000¥

Second Prize (up to 20 winners): ¥5,000

Coloring Prize: ¥3,000

Additional Prizes: ¥1,000

※All winning entries will be used as stickers on

※If a winner lives outside of Japan in order to receive their prize they must have a Paypal account or Japanese bank account.

※MediBang will decide when to make an international bank transfer. Due to the exchange rate the prize amount can vary.

Winning Entries
After the winners are announced, winning entries will be displayed on 
Winners will contacted directly by MediBang! Entrants who don't want their prize can notify us at that time.
By entering this contest entrants agree to the terms and conditions of this contest.
Before entering the contest we strongly recommend that you read all of the contest rules.

Enter the contest