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Contest Rules

By participating in the Contest, each entrant agrees to the terms and conditions stated in the Contest Rules (the “Rules”), as well as those established by other organizers. Entering the Contest implies that you accept all of the terms detailed in the Rules, so please ensure that you have read and fully understand all of the terms and conditions.

1. Organization; Management
  1. The Contest is being held by MediBang Inc. (the "Company"). In the event that another company, group, or other entity is explicitly stated to be the organizer of the Contest, then the Contest will be operated by the Company and stated organizer(s).
  2. The Company reserves the right to modify or update these rules at its sole discretion at any time. The Company also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Contest at any time for any reason.
  3. Entrants agree to abide by the terms set by the Company.
  4. Any other terms of service in addition to these Terms that the Company provides on the Site and via the Service, regardless of names, shall constitute a part of these Terms. In the event of any difference between the provisions of these Terms and those of the Contest, the terms of the Contest shall prevail.
2. How to Enter
  1. By entering the Contest, entrants agree to the terms and conditions of the Rules, as well as the those established by other organizers. Entrants that are minors must attain their parent or guardian's consent in order to participate.
  2. Contest entrants are permitted to use the Services provided by the Company's website (the "Site") ( to upload their submissions during the contest period.
  3. Any and all Rights related to the Site and Services are expressly reserved by the Company. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting to the Registered User a license of the intellectual property rights owned by the Company.
  4. Entries made after the contest deadline has passed will not be accepted.
  5. Entrants are able to delete their accounts by notifying the Company. This will remove their submission from the submission page.
  6. Entrants will be contacted by the email address they submitted when entering the contest.
  7. If a winner is unable to be contacted they will forfeit their prize.
3. Entries
  1. The Company reserves the right to delete, reject entries, or cancel awards for any of the following reasons. This includes the entrant’s username.
    1. Entries that violate the terms and conditions of the Site or Contest.
    2. Entries that are offensive in nature or obscene or illegal in nature as determined by the Company in its sole discretion.
    3. Entries that infringe upon any person’s personal or property rights or any other third party rights, or that violate someone's privacy.
    4. Entries that promote illegal activities.
    5. Entries that are sexual, racist, homophobic, promote discrimination, or result in causing harm to other people as determined by the Company in its sole discretion.
    6. Entries that depict child pornography or child abuse.
    7. Entries that depict or promote suicide, self mutilation, solicitation or other illegal or offensive subjects.
    8. Entries that include any viruses, worms, corrupt files, Trojan horses, or other forms of corruptive code.
    9. Entries that include affiliate links.
    10. Entries with missing information (e.g. no email address, etc.)
    11. Entries that are unrelated to this contest.
    12. Anything else that the Company deems unsuitable as a contest submission.
  2. Material inappropriate for viewers under the age of 18 will not be viewable to minors. If the Company deems an entry to be inappropriate for minors it will hide those entries at its discretion.
4. Applicant's Responsibilities
  1. Applicants are responsible for applying to enter the Contest and submitting entries and any other actions required to participate in the Contest.
  2. Applicants are responsible for any submissions that infringe on any third party's copyrights.
  3. Applicants are responsible for any damages that may occur from infringing on any third party's copyrights, and the Company will not be held accountable for any liability.
5. Exemption
  1. The Company is not responsible for any illegal or offensive material submitted by entrants.
  2. The Company is not responsible for saving or deleting any content submitted by entrants.
  3. The Company disclaims any liability for damage to any computer system resulting from participation in, or accessing, posting, uploading or downloading information in connection with, the Contest.
  4. The Company reserves the right to delete submissions, disqualify entrants, suspend, or cancel the Contest. the Company is not responsible for any data loss, hardware malfunction or damage from using the Site, nor any damages to the entrant in their use of the Service or application to the Contest. Likewise, the Company is not liable for any lag or damage experienced in displaying the Site due to, but not limited to excessive accesses.
  5. The Company is not responsible for any incidental, indirect or any other damages that occur as a result of participating in the Contest. The Company will not be obligated to compensate for any of these damages. The Company will take responsibility for direct damages up to the total amount of the contest prizes divided by the number of entrants.
6. Entry Handling
  1. Entrants will retain the intellectual property rights to the works that they submit.
  2. Entrants agree to the Company and organizer(s) that they shall not exercise their Personality Rights, including but not limited to defamation, Right of Privacy, Publication Rights, Right to Determine the Indication of the Author’s Name, Right to Maintain Integrity in regard to their entry submissions.
  3. The Company reserves the right to display entries on the Site and social network accounts, and use them for promotional purposes, regardless of whether the entrant wins or not.
  4. In the case of the preceeding paragraph when entries are displayed on the Site, the Company may freely revise the artist’s name, username, or comments.
  5. Entrants agree that after the entry period has ended, their work cannot be cancelled, withdrawn, or removed from the contest without prior authorization from the Company, regardless of whether they win or not. The same will apply if you terminate your account after the entry period of the contest has ended.
    However, this shall not apply to any contests that were held on or before February 14, 2018.
  6. Entrants permit the Company to view, save, and disclose the contents of entry submissions to third parties in the event that it is requested in a legal inquiry by an institution or deemed necessary by the Company to determine the causes of technical defects, or to deal with submissions in violation of the Rules.
7. Prizes
  1. In the event that the organizer is obligated to pay income tax and/or Special Reconstruction Income Tax, they will deduct the sum from the prize(s) before delivering it to the winner(s).
8. Individual Announcements
  1. The Company will use the entrant’s personal information in order to contact them in regard to contest results and prizes, or for such related purposes.
9. Governing Law; Arbitration; Jurisdiction
  1. The Contest will be governed by the internal laws of Japan.
  2. In the event that a foreign language version of these Terms contradicts any of the provisions in the Japanese version of these Terms, or causes discrepancies, the Japanese version shall prevail.
  3. If any portion of the Rules is deemed legally invalid or with no legal force, the remaining portions of the Rules will still be valid.
  4. In the case of resolving disputes that could not be resolved through consultation and legal disputes concerning the Rules by mediation or litigation, the Tokyo District Court shall be the first examiner's exclusive jurisdictional court.
  • These rules will be in effect starting Jun 15th 2017.
  • Revised on February 15, 2018
  • Revised on April 18, 2019