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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

mcnugget ☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆
MediBang ID: raincloud

☆~ԃɾαɠσɳ’ʂ ρυɾɾ~☆
Hewo I’m dragon’s purr I’m super depressed and lonely
Demi , 14 , my art is TrashTM
Requests: depends mostly open
Art trades: open! :)
Fan art is not ok because I have no fans :,)
I’m so fuckin TIRED
I want to die
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Hello everyone! This is a time of crisis I hate to say but The Amazon Forest is burning
This is not a new thing but it’s has increasingly gotten worse. Read this report on CNN for more information

Please, Please , Please! If you can donate and/ or help by spreading this message it will help the forest and save the species there!
This event has been so ignored
More people made an out cry about the Notre Dame Church
This is our wildlife and many creatures homes
Please Save The Forest
#prayfortheamazon #keeptheforestalive #stopthefire
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