The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

Illustrations has been published.

  • I looked at this, and LOL’d. Then, I saw that it was just a cheap screenshot. Grow some balls and do your own art.

  • That’s just wrong to steal another’s art and try to claim it as your own, even if you weren’t you didn’t even credit. Would it have really been that hard to make your own version...

  • it sucks that you can probably do this with the medibang app, but no, you have to do a half-assed steal. you could've at least tried to crop the image so that people wouldn't notice the huge-ass (x) in the upper lefthand corner, but then again the image would probably look a bit too pixelated for it to actually be drawn using the meadibang app, or that would be enogh to fool people. please gain your sense of reality soon. -commenter

  • Aw that sucks. Who from? I want to find the original so I can shower it with praise