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  • ye but there more pics of them further on and in the type of artist pic its the one in top right

  • > Blueberry productions Is it the "type of artist" collab?

  • Hmmm can you draw my avatar he’s in my “Draw your self challenge “ picture.

  • pfft


Illustrations has been published.


  • > mom's chicken But thank you ;;

  • > mom's chicken Honestly I m n o t s u r e

  • > InkLord why are u so nice

  • > mom's chicken xD Thancc much But your art is amazing. From the last piece you made, the design was so unique and the colors blended in very well with the character. The design for the mask really got me thinking that the details you put in were so nice, even if it wasn't a canon character-- just shows how much effort you put into it