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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!

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Final Final Post

  • i-... never knew jojo plus why are you leaving ?!

  • Bye Chaiii--- You're an amazing artist,and inspired me QwQ

  • *screams* AAAAAA JOJO-

  • Really good drawing you like jojo to


Illustrations has been published.

Final Entry

  • chai this looks awesome dude, we'll miss you! Thank you for being such a great person, all the incredible art and really inspiring other artists like me. Be safe and remember we love you 💕

  • > ç h â ī it looks really good, and your art style has definitely evolved i wish you luck in the future, and for things to continue to get better i wish i had an ig, but sadly i don’t but, yea, i’m rambling, take care, stay safe, and all that stuff bye gamer

  • Pero ten por seguro que cuando decida hacerla vas a ser la primera persona que siga

  • Me gustaría seguirte en instagram para seguir admirando todo lo que haces ,pero todavía no tengo una cuenta


Illustrations has been published.

  • Well good bye chai we will all miss you, you’re art got me going thank you so much I hope you are doing well goodbye we all love you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • > ç h â ī well, bye chai, we’ll miss you i really love your art, and i hope you continue to grow and improve you do what’s good for you, and take care :)

  • I'm sorry that you feel you need to leave, but I hope people will support you later on like they did on Medibang :)

  • (Also I hope you’re doing well-)


Illustrations has been published.

💙 R A Y N E 💙

  • Hey uh- What’s poppin? Where are you- I’m kiiiinda worried?-

  • awww she’s so cute the shading looks perfect eeeee


end me.

i pray to god that i dont wake up tomorrow.
please, kill me now. i don't want to live like this anymore, and no one would miss me.
relieve me of this pain.
everything hurts.

  • if you ever want to talk about it, you can vent to our group i’ll listen


Illustrations has been published.

a dream.

  • Oh my gosh- I’m so sorry... that must’ve been horrible :(

  • I'm sorry you had that dream... the worst thing about it must've been how oddly specific it was

  • i woke up in tears. i wasn't able to fall back asleep.

  • the police eventually showed up, coaxed me out of the bedroom. as they put me onto a stretcher and brought me to the hospital, i saw my family lying on the ground, face up, all dismembered and bloody. my sister had been ripped apart by bullets. my eight-year old sister; brutally murdered. and i couldn't have done anything about it. i was the only survivor; i could have warned my family. but i didn't. and because of me, they were all dead.


m y e y e s

T H I S.
god, i hate everything about my old art. the anatomy, the shading, the eyes, the everything. its horrendous. im glad i have improved. just think how far ill be with my talent when im 15. my art now will look like shit.
I might do a redraw of this, actually. Hold that thought.

  • dämn you’ve improved a ton my art is still trash lol

  • o oh- ok but ngl that hair is so gud-


Illustrations has been published.

Friend Doodles

  • anyways, amazing art!!

  • a few days ago I was going downstairs at 3 am to eat some cereal but turns out my mom was sleeping down there for some reason so I was like "oh shit" F in the comments

  • > SH523 thänk yöü.

  • Let me just say- dämn you’ve improved


updates updates updates

Update #1:
Nora.The.Wolf.'s Insta:
Nora's main account and 2 backup accounts on insta have been taken down, or at least, disabled. Nora never saw my "fanart", and still has not granted me access to their twitter, which is still up. As far as I know, they've not been arrested, and is still on the loose. Last I saw, he was telling Nawnii (our queen, we stan) that he would draw her mother being raped by Nora. So that's... fun.
Update #2:
I have just reached silver rank :))))). My frikking niffty fanart got to 50 favorites, and i am much happeh. I have some doodles of my friend im going to post tomorrow, and i have a school dance. i actually asked someone out, so i guess im not a complete coward. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))
Update #3:
Onion Boi (AKA the Shallow Shallot):
Chris Hansen, our silver fox, is still demolishing Gregory Jackson, AKA Onision, on his show/livestreams. This is the first time an onion has been chopped and no one is crying. Apparently, Greg/James is not going to be pressed for grooming (yet), but is going to have charges pressed against him for child neglect, when he let his 2-3 year old daughter fall out of a 2 story building and land head first on a rock garden, possibly causing permanent brain damage.*
This happened in August of 2019. Thank god, the daughter is alive.
*Side tangent: In the police report of the incident, all of the names of the children involved were censored. From what I know, the daughter's birth name was Abby/Abbie. If you dont know - which you probably dont - Abigail is the name of a character in one of Onision's three horrendous books, who the main character, James (Onision's self-insert character), has a very intimate, VERY WELL DOCUMENTED relationship with. When Greg got backlash for naming his daughter off of his "wet dream girl", he changed Abbie to his daughter's middle name. This has nothing to do with the investigation, i just thought that i should bring it up; it's not often mentioned. And considering what Greg is known for, naming his daughter Abigail makes it all the more creepy and all kinds of fucked up.
However, what makes the child neglect EVEN WORSE is that while all of this is happening, Onision pulls out his camera and starts filming his daughter lying on the ground, crippled. He told the cops that it was for legal reasons, but any sane human being would not want to record their deformed child, much less watch back their footage in the court of law.
And, according to the police report, and the dates, Onision was posting lewd messages on twitter directed to his underage fans at the time that this was happening, in August. Like, while his daughter is in the fucking hospital, he immediately resorts to making passes at young girls. Un-fucking-believable. This man is a lunatic.
He's pretty much faked all his mental breakdown videos (his most recent video proves it), although i think the patreon one was real to some extent. Also, that story about him being raped by a dog is bullshit. He's making fun of the girls coming out about their stories about him on HASWCH. He's a piece of shit.
Anyways, I'm done with this. I can't keep typing, it's 9 PM, and I'm tired. If any of you want to keep up with the Onision story like I have, and if you have some free time, visit the Have A Seat With Chris Hansen youtube channel. I suggest watching the interview with Shiloh first; her case is the most extreme, followed only by Billie and Sarah.
If you want to find out about Onision's religious cult called Sicesca, I recommend watching Creepshow Art's evaluation of his former website. It's really eye-opening.
That's it for this episode of the Update Corner, and I'll see you guys tomorrow. :)

  • 1. nora's ded? *celebrates* 2. congraluationsssss 3. tbh i heard abt onision but i have no clue who is he

  • oh good that noras gone i’m actually not sure if he’s completely gone for good he’s probably gonna hide behind a different mask (or lewd fursona) in the future i’ve avoided the onision shit all together but that sounds... freaky also i hope you have fun at the dance owo