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3 hours / weeks
Extremely busy I HAVE TOO MUCH WORK!!!!!!!

hey guys

So I just released a preview of chapter 3, so what are your thoughts so far? Anything you're curious about/want to see? If so please comment below.

  • > Kingmewcarion Chapter 3 of the superhero comic will be updating very soon!

  • I like how Chapter 3 is going so far. But,when will the next page appear? Not going to press you for information my friend, I am just curious! (Also I have returned!)

  • > PurpleMangaka32 Ok i waiting for...

  • > P.F.P.R. We're getting there my friend, don't worry big things are coming soon

Illustrations has been published.

  • > PACOHP thank you!


I'm having technical difficulties

I've tried so many times to update my medibang software on my dell laptop but it just won't work!!! My laptop doesn't have the update it needs so I can't install it! What do I do?

  • > PurpleMangaka32 Bueno, no creo que haya algo malo, pero tal vez sea un error en la aplicación.

  • > TitaniumPegasus I don't know how to update it, and I haven't really heard good things about the updated version, so I'm kind of worried

  • > P.F.P.R. No, no tengo Medibang Paint en appliciaon para android. Yo tengo Medibang en Dell Pc. ( Lo siento, Mi espanol es muy mal, )

  • Have you tried contacting the developers? I know that dell users have to update their backup and recovery manager before installing Medibang, but I don't own a dell so I can't really help there.