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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
Open for business Commissions are open! DM me for details (手数料はオープンです! 聞いてください!)

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Draw 6 Meme-Chibi Favorites

  • > MOB Magic OOF i didn't think of turtle!! Aw now i'm sad XP

  • > Lasercats6BBP Turtle would've also worked My gosh these names are brilliant

  • > MOB Magic I was thinking of replacing that name with Super Toilet instead, but i'm too lazy to change it XD

  • Baguette, ah yes


Illustrations has been published.

MHA Trio

  • > KitKat47 lol idk why but i always love it when he calls Deku a nerd. It just makes me chuckle XD

  • *Katsuki appears* DIE NERD!!


Illustrations has been published.

Quirky Toga

  • > ShadowyBlizzard hi there! Sorry, but my requests are closed at the moment. If you would like that to be a commission, it would be $6 :3

  • 太太画的好棒,可惜他英凉了呜呜呜,狗平给爷爪巴

  • Do a Vikturi (Viktor x Yuri) from Yuri!!! On Ice drawing?