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The illustration / manga posting site "MediBang!" Has become "ART street" !!
3 hours / Day
I’m free from myself at last I will conquer the whole world ÒwÓ

Illustrations has been published.

For Sønår!

  • Very c00t !

  • :00000 Sonar: T H A M K U U U U U jehdsuffdebyewhbehbfbedh- I LOB HIMM

  • baba

  • Looks Cool ! =D


Illustrations has been published.

I'M tRyiNg AaA

  • i compare my art too but thats how you improve compare it to people on your level to improve then go up as you do

  • :(

  • but I cant because it makes me feel crap, my brain automatically compares it to others

  • bruh everyone loves how you draw its hella unique and i honestly love it but we all have room to improve, so try to improve if you don't like how it is now draw every day to do so look at other peoples art and see what you like about it and add that to your art find inspirations from the internet