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I'm sorry I haven't been active, my tablet is crap and won't update Medi so I can't post anything, and I don't really like it here. Also, not being here has really helped me with my art, if you ACTUALLY GENUINELY want to know me better and become bffs then add me on these things

Minecraft: AwesomeSause_
Steam: AwesomeSause
Twitch: AwesomeSausee (I hardly stream cos of crap internet)
Basically the same for anything

It's been a fun adventure and I enjoyed seeing everyone grow and get better at art, and also become amazing people. I hope you all have a good life. Maybe if I get a better tablet I'll come back but circumstances are insanely bad for us here right now so it might be a while

By the way, how are you? I'm doing alright, a few hiccups but it's all good. I have an anthro shark as my fursona now, don't forget to always be yourself and all that shiz. Also maybe make friends with new artists that come here, cos they need a ton of help and this place feels like you either go big or go home so make em feel welcome smh

Well I'm done here, thank you everyone
I'm outta here sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • shit dude. it breaks my heart to see all of these genuinely good people leaving medi, but i completely understand the reason behind it. i hope to see you come back some day, and if i get a twitch account in the future (which i really want to, u have no idea) i'll make sure to contact you! you're a great dude, sause, and i'll miss the memories. hang in there and stay safe <3

  • Aw damn, right when I return :( I’m glad that you’re doing this to become happier tho. I wish you luck in the future ^^ it was a nice journey with you <33

  • > ɘƨυɒƧɘmoƨɘwA Okie :D

  • > ɘƨυɒƧɘmoƨɘwA Hopefully we do You're a very cool person Sause :]