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  • Wha- This is so aesthetic and pretty my eyes are pleased.

  • I drew this like months ago lol but I gave up half way through so I went back and finished it :’)

  • Awww ajsjjsjakjf thank you!

  • Hello? What is this beauty in front of my eyes? I love thissssss The effects are just 😔✨💫


Illustrations has been published.

R.Ds ref ❤️💙

  • > DaPerson=( Got YEETED DELETED =( Thank you so much!

  • > SteveSanzR2 Yeah he deserves better but he gets a happy ending don't worry

  • bootiful

  • Poor guy •_•


Illustrations has been published.

For HaiBai 🌈

  • > Hørr1d Thank you! I’m in art class at my school now and we’ve been doing a shading unit so I’ve been trying to improve hskdkskf

  • I love the way you shade :0

  • She looked so adorable!!

  • Aaa thank you I’m so glad you like it!!!