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Chibi OC Request

  • > Sonoid Hello again. Masks and fur are quite difficult for me to draw, and as this is a request and not a commission I will have to keep this one in mind. I apologize.

  • > DonutAddic Can you please draw her Wearing the mask?

  • > Sonoid Hello! Sure, but I have been getting a lot of requests lately so I might close them up soon.

  • May I ask for an art request?


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Ms. Fortune

  • Woah 😍 I played a demo a while back. Did not feel like i could mash buttons to attack.


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Tangerine Kamado

  • > Sippysaurus Oooo Yes yes 😂^^Thank you very much!

  • > DanDraw Hahaha ^^ Thank you very much!

  • This is gorgeous and clever, 10/10

  • Thought the orange was a photograph at first. Nice


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Rei Utsushimi

  • > 早川里奈 Welcome back!

  • > 克吧 Hello 'v' I'm glad you like it!

  • I'm back Yay!!!