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  • > Hayra96 You're great!

  • > Hayra96 Thank you!! Let's strive !!😋

  • > RaShel Youre welcome~ ^^ Yup you are right! I also practicing on my digital a lot. Let's do our best! XD

  • > Hayra96 Thanks for the tips :) Hope to improve. Drawing with paper and pencil is never the same. I am practicing in my digital art a lot, although I really keep it as entertainment😊

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Illustrations has been published.

  • Kawaiii❤️❤️❤️

  • Nice...


Illustrations has been published.

Majo Medi-chan

  • Cute 💖

  • > UNDERDOGS. Gracias!!❤ Realmente es complicado para mí trabajar digital...intento hacerlo, pero no queda igual :'(

  • Very Nice Rashel <3 !