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Reposting this because I just found out that it was in the wrong direction in the last post

  • Nice

  • > RiiRen Yeah heโ€™s literally ๐Ÿ‘Œโœจ๐Ÿ”ฅ And yes Iโ€™ve watched it *insert d*ck joke*

  • > Cherry ikr personally im not a simping type but hes just ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ also have you watched the tankmen series? its hilarious

  • > RiiRen Y e s Cool tank guy [Aฬถlฬถsฬถoฬถ ฬถhฬถeฬถโ€™ฬถsฬถ ฬถkฬถiฬถnฬถdฬถaฬถ ฬถhฬถoฬถtฬถ ฬถtฬถhฬถoฬถuฬถgฬถhฬถ-ฬถ] *internal screaming*

Smol animation รณwรฒ

  • > DreamiiKuri Yeah, itโ€™s kinda what I did I followed a tutorial :)

  • Cool Looks like you resized a pair of eyes to be smaller and smaller or smth idk. Itโ€™s like gacha animation :0 (I donโ€™t mean this in a bad way itโ€™s pretty pog)

Would yall join if I make a contest?

It might be a redesign or make me an oc contest :)

  • (เน‘โ€ขฬ€ใ…‚โ€ขฬ)ูˆโœงสธแดฑหข

  • a contest would be awesome :0

  • Thank you all for agreeing! My last contest didโ€™t have much people joining so I was hesitant about this one But thanks to you guys I am more confident about this :)

  • > DreamiiKuri Yeah, many people are making contests every day, so I guess Ima make it during March

Art thief? Custard pls read this

I saw this on Pinterest, and it looks similar to one of Custardโ€™s drawings...
I am not sure who copied who so...
Custard if you see this pls comment

  • I would show the original version of my drawing which would be better proof that this was just style and character development, but I have lost it, unfortunately. BushBabyOrigins and I were on an page when I told her that I was practicing with this drawing a long time ago. Please do not flame me, it was not meant to be theft or degradation of the artist who made this piece, it was simply my finding a piece of art, liking it, trying a new style, and updating my persona to be something more coherent.

  • Iโ€™m sorry for the confusion.

  • This isnโ€™t theft. This was my reference for the first drawing of Milo. I used it for pose, but I had planned to go with a Skye Jello-like hairstyle covering the eyes for a while before that. Itโ€™s all good, my friend. :)

  • Lol I just saw that in my pins somewhere