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inspired by a photoshoot c:

  • cool shadin dude

  • also im getting work coming through from school so i might be unactive for a while, i promise ill do the collab amy

  • this was the reference


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redraw of last year's work

  • Okay, I'll get started on that right away :)

  • prettyyy!!

  • if u dont mind could u start it and make some space for me to draw the other half of it either by leaving it blank or maybe adding a base

  • Hey! I'm glad you asked. I'm okay with you starting it, but if you don't want to I can. Also, what kind of collab were you wanting to do? We could split up line art and coloring or just parts/characters of the drawing.


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  • US schools shut down too, but many are starting online schooling and some are just giving high schoolers credit even though they didn't actually take the classes.

  • oh and also our schools in uk have shut down so thats rad


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another lip thing 👄

  • aAaYESS

  • thank u sm 💞💀😳

  • you’ve been improving so much and all your art is beautiful aaa—

  • thanks !!!


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피 땀 눈물 💉 - bts

  • thanks amy and jupiter,, all i did was practice alot and use realism tutorials for literally everything hah..

  • you've been improving so much i-

  • ,,,,how did you make this,,,,

  • what when how


Illustrations has been published.

comments :c

  • thank u so much, ill try to remember my old acc email but since my brain is dead atm i might aswell use this one

  • purty drawing 😍

  • Hope you can get it back

  • this is rad