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the cat xd

  • > Ykleink/^ Cool, cool-

  • > Howdy, i a m Wubb . Uh yeah strange in a good way .w. When I started drawing cats if I remember correctly I think I wanted them to be realistic xd but in the end I went another way •w•

  • :o it looks strange in a good way .u. Heyyyy- when you first started trying to draw cats, did you stylize the eyes the same way? Or were they more like realism-


Illustrations has been published.


  • > nice. | Nati Yeah sus amongus but i hope you can get out of your block soon TwT and thank you so much I also love the way you paint your drawings >w<

  • xD

  • SUS SUS AMOGUS(sry( dont wory im in artblock too aaaa TvT but this drawing is vry cool!!! i love the way u color :D


Illustrations has been published.


  • chale we, ojala se te mejore todo unu a mi me costo mucho adaptarme a esas cosas

  • > nice. | Nati Also a lot of luck in to school <3

  • school* oops

  • ugh i feel you D: hope ur doing well!! and good luck in chool and such :)