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New persona!

  • Aaaa cute!!

  • Thanks guys ^^ Any questions just ask




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Fizzy bell! (Desc)

  • she's very cute

  • > Izzy draws ocs! (Lunamoon ahh touche touche

  • > 💚beans💙 Lol yeah fizzy doesn’t need a gun she can throw FIREBALLS

  • adorable but i agree with her dad tho bc she's only 14 she doesn't need a .22mm


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Dream! For rans contest!

  • hey izzy i drew this for you i hope you like it! ^^

  • awh smol


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the new Izzy :>

  • No problem you don't need to thank me! You're really cool Ran and I'm really glad you're my friend!

  • Thanks for being my friend izz :)

  • Aweee

  • Thank you!^^


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  • me now just realizing i actually won something for the first time

  • Oki doki artichoki

  • Congrats to everyone and tysm :0 Hm For the request, could you draw Finn? And for the oc, it could be like a bunny girl of some sort? Idk the rest is up to you :)

  • aye aye


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big doggo:> for Random

  • Awww!! I love him izz that k you!

  • woof

  • This unnamed doggo works and lives at the library prefect for a relaxing life after all that fighting and saving. His little canister is a wormhole that can hold anything and like how snow has horns he has wings:>


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Sammy! Izzy's little star.

  • bab

  • Sammy has a star band aid on his face all to time to cover up a scar he earned when he was being chased by the chara that killed his biological mom

  • Bb is owned by the awesome Custard ! She's incredibly talented and I whole heartedly urge you guys to check out her page! Bb was Healy inspired by goner kid and his mom has stared him all up. He has his flower and jewel witch are two of the only colored things he can see. Izzy made him some hands that are controlled by his mental magic with has a blue hue His soul is a monsters but if it had a color it would be dark blue / patience soul with a bit of grey mixed in.


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contest update! you can still join!

  • If you need the link just ask ;>

  • Today I set the prizes and since only 5mhave joined that means the top 3 get some awsome prizes but everybody is going to get a special thank you participation! 1st: two requests two custom ocs! 2nd one request two custom ocs or vice versa 3 One request one custom! Good luck guys! And for anybody new this contest is on my lasts post! If you're interested in joing please comment there this is all due on the 11th!

  • Sorry for the rough scetch I just had a get this out!


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Contest! description /comments

  • Thank yooo!

  • I'm finally done :0 I can't link atm but I posted it already woo

  • Thanks so much!

  • heres mine!


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Mania. sonic mania!

  • Hey !

  • Hey! Um, it's Yvian, I used to be in the group with Cipher, Kitkat, and Cross, I was Core!Chara,,, I missed you guys ;A;

  • Yeah!

  • Hey izz? Can I have the link to the new chat room please?


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alt version

  • adorable sjakaheusnan i want to get into wings of fire bc i like warriors already,, but i dont have the books sadly still amazing aaaa

  • Thanks!^^

  • :00 Awwww! Pretty!

  • I love it hehe


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it be dragonet Izzy-

  • this is yes

  • yes

  • Her wings are full of stars/snowflakes because yes. And the yellow splotches don't always show


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here's your host! redraw (comments

  • > Izzy draws ocs! (Lunamoon How are you so good?!?! You're better at this than I am :)

  • it's good! I love the improvement

  • Alrighty and thank you it really does!^^

  • It looks amazing Izzy! I love how much you've improved! I recommend studying anatomy a little more. something I like to do is find cartoon styles that I love and criticizing small things like why I like it and what I can use to improve my own style, so I really recommend that as well I hope this helps :>