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happy 10th anniversary, gravity falls!

  • > ☆𝕋𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕚☆ yep, it's that song and thanks ^^

  • Also this looks AWESOME-

  • OOO this is the same song that Bill sings on the piano, am I right? I like that song :)

  • a mind with a world and a whole world to discover =)


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  • a great drawing with a great cartoonist give life to your immense uncontrollable creativity =)

  • one more time you do an incredible work

  • ADORABLE So cute ,


Illustrations has been published.

dreaming of you - (4/4)

  • > 📺 ꪜꫀ᥊᥊ꪗ📺 thank you :D

  • I just wanna say that you are one of my favorite artists!


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couldnt think of a cool title for this - (3/4)

  • so cute!

  • > MochiiNiko🦀 I see :o Thank you for the explanation! I might try it too >:]

  • > ☆𝕋𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕟𝕚☆ aw thanks ^^ so basically what i did for the shading was use a dark blue color, used a watercolor brush and an airbrush together to try to get that "under a tree" kinda lighting. i erased certain parts and added some highlights using an overlay layer for a glow effect, and then i used a hard light layer to make it more saturated hope this helps, im not the best at explaining hehe

  • Girl this is insANE- I love the shading like- how did you do that?!?


Illustrations has been published.

theres no place like home - (2/4)

  • > 🐾 𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕖 🐾 ay thanks! and im glad you noticed the little easter egg lol

  • ahhh this is so gorgeous omg!! i love the warm light so much!!! <333 me: *sees shadows behind the chair* =0


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happy 10th year anniversary, journey!

  • Ive havent played journey yet but ive recently started playing sky

  • > Cosmic Hollow thanks ^^

  • This is so gorgeous, amazing work!

  • > BushBabyOrigins ANOTHER JOURNEY FAN AYYY and thank you :D


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happy 5th anniversary, hollow knight!

  • > MochiiNiko🦀 Honestly I've been playing the game since 2019 and I still discover knew things lol

  • > Cosmic Hollow same here id really like to experience hk again blind lol

  • Hollow Knight is sooo good, hands down my favorite game

  • > SAM thanks :D


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oneshot fanart :D


  • > MochiiNiko🦀 YEEEEAH :DD

  • > BushBabyOrigins YOO BUSH long time no see :D



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i'm with you in the dark

  • > JannyKun (sorry for replying so late i didnt see the notif akdhsdkh) anyways, i used a dark blue color on the multiply layer (the shading), light blue & purple for the overlay layer (basically the lighting), and added some more highlights & filters to make it brighter :D

  • How can you do the lighting effects it’s so cool🤍!


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yantrio redraw :0

  • them

  • aww that's a nice redraw (☆-v-) I see the improvement >:D✨

  • un gran dibujo con un gran dibujante


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im not dead i swear (´▽`;)

  • > MochiiNiko🦀 its no problem! ^^ and yeaaa its actually been very slow, many people have been struggling with finals and the like as well *nod*

  • > Leieryx thanks a bunch leieryx, it means a lot to me ;w;. also damn i didnt know a bunch of other people were on hiatus too

  • aw the little guitar- no worries times have been busy and a lot of people have been gone actually, we'll understand! you dont have to make it up or anything youve always made cool art and things and its not an obligation- you should just have fun drawing whatever you want, even if that means you dont draw or you just draw goofy things also wbbb ^^


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*insert creative title here*

  • Wup, wait a sec I saw the pilot, its hilarious

  • Oi Mochii, I made ya somethin And, if I am gonna be honest, i am pretty new to this, but the art is as stunning as always


  • > Squidkid64 facts right there

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


Illustrations has been published.

SD-N my beloved

  • aaaaaa I love him <3

  • > MochiiNiko🦀 Oh oki lol

  • > Opal! oh i dont have instagram lol

  • Do you have an Instagram? I forgot lol


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gift for a discord friend

  • > Dinosaurbean its just covered by the hair lol

  • Reminds me of me and my sister- wait why doesn’t the brown haired girl have an ear?


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late spooky day art :'D

  • > 🎃MochiiNiko👻 :(

  • > Cherry 🍒 (skid mode) aw nooo ;-;

  • > Smoking Cat absolutely >:DD

  • Undertale is truly a great game! I wanted to replay it but I couldn’t since I purchased it with a Microsoft account and now I switched to a MacBook and I couldn’t redownload it on my mom’s computer using my Microsoft account :(


Illustrations has been published.

it's my bday lmao

  • Sorry i'm late but Happy Bday :D

  • Can I have some cake

  • Happy birthday!!!! Enjoy your day!!