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  • One comment isnt enough, its GYROAXIA The kings! It deserves such respect and much more comments! Im gonna change that! But as you can tell i LOVE STAN GYROAXIA SO MUCH YOU WOULDNT UNDERSTAND!!!! Please keep drawing the AAside bois ill support 1000000000000000000000000%!

  • so cute X3


Illustrations has been published.

Nanahoshi Ren

  • > Nodker awwwwwwwwwwww

  • > 🐝...B e e thank you! <3, He is a bby <3 a cute cute boy ;;;u;; )/

  • awww kawaiiii \( > w <


Illustrations has been published.

Happy B-day, Nayuta-kun

  • > Nodker u r welcome X3 grumpy face is cute XD

  • > 🐝...B e e thanks <3, >u<)/ Nayuta is a good boy, some angry, but soft sometimes XD

  • Happy B-day \( ^ v ^ )/ so cute X3