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  • we have been blessed yet again- such fancy art also i hope you're doing well ^^

  • Hello are you back :0 also I am dumb what game is this? It looks so cool

  • Ooooo I love sky!!! Also you have the cargo pants :sob:

  • So prettyyy Also hi again!!

I think it's finally time

I'm not active much on here anymore, and I'm losing motivation in even checking this place. I may check by infrequently later on, but I'm not interested in staying here any longer. I don't want to leave my friends but this website is ass. I'm sorry, but I'll be migrating to other websites from now on.
You can find me on Instagram and

  • All good, have a fun and safe time exploring other parts of the internet. We will always be here if you need us XD

  • dont worry about it that's ok- you wouldnt want to stay somewhere that's demotivating for you anyway <:/ gl with things and im sure you'll do great there! we'll miss you, take care

  • HJKAHkjsa We'll miss you!! yeah medi is ass

  • *hug* Spread your talent, my friend