Hi! My name is Charlie (AKA Doodle Chan) and I draw stuff.

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4.5 hours / Day
Extremely busy from school, homework, ect.
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Update- Back to school

So tomorrow (5th of September) I'll be going back to school :'(. Since I'm going into year 9 (The year you start preparing for exams in year 11) I'll have little time to draw since I'll be busy with clubs, revision and homework that I don't do (I'm the one with a book full of excuses why I didn't do the homework). Since I still want to do the things I normally do around the school stuff (Mainly only gaming), I'll only be able to spend an hour to an hour and a half drawing. Going by last year, I'll only probably be able to come out with one drawing a week depending on homework and how quickly I rage quit in Overwatch.
Also does anyone know how to put on a clip-on tie without it looking weird? My school uniform has changed from a jumper and polo to a blazer, blouse and tie and I still can't work how to put the tie on without it looking strange...
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