Hi! My name is Charlie (AKA Doodle Chan) and I draw stuff.

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4.5 hours / Day
Extremely busy from school, homework, ect.
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LIFE UPDATE (Please Read)

From now on, I will not be able to upload drawings as often, as my parents are pushing me to start studying for these HUGE exams I have in about 2 years. (SUPER big, they determine your chances of getting into University/a job). I am still going to try to draw, but there is one major thing that will stop me: I'm learning three languages. Ill probably spend most of my time learning the tree languages (French, Spanish and Japanese), so that means less time to draw. I will try to keep tutorials regular, but for normal drawings is hard to say how much I will be able to do, but I made a kinda face- reveal thing of what it was like for me over the weekend.
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  • doodlechan753
    > Sek
    Thank you for the advice, I do enjoy languages, but maybe I will spend more time drawing than I planned 😊
  • doodlechan753
    > Night T.
  • doodlechan753
    > midotachMel Thanks for the suggestion, even though I dont really have anyone to practice with, I'll definately put other languages in my drawings, and arigato!
  • crabby_stardust
    Three languages? Interesting.
    It can be funny to use these in your drawings or regularly using them with someone. I do that to practice my English lol

    Ganbare ⭐
  • Sek
    you have a lot of potential and i like how you are trying to do a lot with your academics. university and college are indeed important. once you're 18, so in about 5 years from now, if you ever want to go further with your art career (assuming you stick to art), drop me a message or contact Black Sakura. good luck on your future academics, just remember though, do what makes you happy. school isn't everything.