Hi! My name is Charlie (AKA Doodle Chan) and I draw stuff.

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4.5 hours / Day
Extremely busy from school, homework, ect.
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Social Media Update!

Hi everyone! > - < I thought I'd make a quick post talking about me as an artist and social media! Yesterday I made a Pixiv account, so if anyone has an account, I'd very much appreciate if you'd give me a like or two! Since it's a Japanese website, I'm going to try and post as much as I can in Japanese to, 1. Practice typing/interacting in Japanese, and, 2. Interact with the majority of users on the website, but if I find I gather a small following of non-Japanese speakers, I'll also provide Enlgish translations if that's what's wanted ^^
Also, now that I'm 14 (The legal age in England for social medias such as Twitter), my parents have agreed to let me get any other social media to help me 'get noticed'. If there's a website/app you'd like to see me on, just let me know!
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