Hi! My name is Charlie (AKA Doodle Chan) and I draw stuff.

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4.5 hours / Day
Extremely busy from school, homework, ect.
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Even more updates...

I'm moving up in the world \(^o^)/... kinda, but I am going to take a break from social media (Almost) entirely, and I'll discuss that in a minute, I'll start with the good news first...

I'm going to be published in a book!!! \(0o0)/!! As well as the project I mentioned in my last MySpace, I've recieved a business offer for 2018 involving being published. In a physical book. That people can buy...
And I'll get money for. So yaay even longer without be posting, but that goes onto the next point I want to discuss.

I'm going to take a break, but I don't know how long for. (This will get slightly personal but I feel like it's good to discuss personal issues with your online following, especially since my issues are so common, especially to younger people which my audience is, and maybe people could learn from what I've been through, maybe ,idk, :P.). So... (Sits down).
I've recently been diagnosed with anxiety and dysthymia, and honestly things have been tough for me since knowing that I have two mental disorders (Thanks, anxiety.). I don't feel like social media is causing the problems, but I feel like I need some 'time off', so-to-say, to compose myself and get on with the things I need to. I may come online to see what everyone's doing and to remember all the support eveyone's been showing me the past year or two, which I really appreciate by the way, I can't thank you all enough! Every like, follow and comment makes me feel so special, and like my art isn't as sh*t as I see it to be!

But one thing I also want to say that I have a feeling people will be thinking (Or maybe that's just my anxiety again), I am NOT saying any of this for attention; I am not asking for comments, follows or anything like that, life isn't a popularity contest, and I am extremely happy with what love I'm already getting. I am discussing this topic simply to stay connected with my following, and mental health is something that should not be used for attention, but is still very important. It is something a person suffers with just as much as a physical health issue, and is morally wrong to be manipulated in such a manner just to get comments like "Aww, I followed you hope you feel better", which I have seen people do before, even in real life, but I will not name and shame.
But honestly, I'm OK, don't feel like you need to leave a positive comment, I've got so many on my drawings, you just reading this far is more than enough for me! <3

ANYWAY.... to end on a more positive note... follow your dreams, anything's possible!.. Don't do drugs and stay in school!
And if you're feeling depressed or anything like that ,PLEASE, talk to someone, I know how hard it may be but it will make you feel so much better in the long run. And even if I don't know you at all, I still believe in you, everyone's got the ability to achieve greatness, follow your dreams because you'll get there eventually <3

But until I come off my hiatus, Bye everyone! <3
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