Hi! My name is Charlie (AKA Doodle Chan) and I draw stuff.

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Extremely busy from school, homework, ect.
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QnA time! (AMA)

I've decided to hold a Question and Anwer/ Ask me Anything session, because, heck, why not! Feel free to ask me anything you want, no limits on how much you can ask, and questions don't have to be about art! (I may not answer straight away, I'm posting this before I sleep so I'll have something to do when I wake up coz art block)
Ask away and have fun!
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  • doodlechan753
    > Night T.
    (There's a 1000 character limit haha)
    Aaand that's about all I could think of from the top of my head, but you could always Google it or something. Also don't be afraid to make guidelines, when I don't my characters look like a pear, they really help! From there just mess around with style. Have an image of what you want your style to look like in your head, then change the proportions accordingly. When you're happy, draw it again, and again. Keep repeating it until you can remember the proportions, then maybe try a simple gesture drawing, then get more complex as I said above to keep the anatomy of your drawings consistent, no matter what pose. I hope I helped!
  • doodlechan753
    > Night T. The way I normally practice gesture drawings is to do it traditionally so I'm not distracted by an undo button or the 'transform' options you get with digital art. To start I'd only do one or two slower, simple ones a day just to get the feel of it, then move on to quicker, more dramatic poses but still every day, as I've found that's the fastest and best way to improve. If youre struggling for poses, try drawing a curved line and imagine it as a spine, then build up from there.For female structure it's a bit harder because of art styles, but the basics in realism are:
    - A woman (including her head) is 7-8 heads tall.
    - Each shoulder is a head wide (as if the woman had 3 heads, the extra two would be able to sit on each of the shoulders)
    - The waist is about as wide as the head for a slim - average size woman.
    - The legs are about 4 heads long
    -The elbow joint is parallel to the waist
    (I ran out of space in thia comment lol)
  • Night T.
    The fastest way to learn gestures and female structure?
    Not only practice XD