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4.5 hours / weeks
Extremely busy from school, homework, ect.

Commissions, YouTube, & 100+ followers!

Wow, there's 103 of you now (At the time of writing this)?! Thank you all so very much! I appreciate the support you show me as a creator. I was going to create a drawing of my OC to thank you all, but since I've been wrapped up in commissions and working on my comic, it would still probably be a while before I could make that happen, however I still wanted to show my gratitude, thus why I am doing so now.

Speaking of commissions (Awful transition, I know.), my DeviantArt point commissions are open! I am offering bust, half-body and full-body commissions ranging from the equivalent of 10-20 USD (100 points = approx. 1USD). You can find my rules, detailed prices, example works, etc. here:

Also, you may have noticed that I have been including links to 'Speedpaints' in the descriptions of the works that I have been posting. This is because I now have a YouTube channel! Here, I post the sped-up processes of my drawings (Commonly called 'Speedpaints', for those who are not familiar with them), and if I get asked enough to do a tutorial, I will also make and post a video tutorial along with an image version, much like I did with my eye tutorial. I would really appreciate if you were to watch a few of my videos or subscribe, as my channel is still very small, as this is the first 'formal' time I have mentioned it in a post like this, rather than just hiding it in the description. You can find my channel here if you are interested:

Anyways, thank you very much for reading!

Webcomic announcement + Updates

Hello Everyone! It's Doodlechan753. Or was. I have now changed my username to Arakuune, I will explain why shortly.

I am very excited to share what I've been up to these past 6 months or so. I am making a webcomic. As I said, I've been working on this project for half a year now, and I have a lot of confidence in my work so far, as I've worked on things very similar to this before, and I've put a lot of preparation into it. I've always wanted to make a comic, and so after 2 failed attempts at making one before, I'm extremely happy that my 3rd attempt is getting somewhere. Anyway, the comic will be called 'Kariudo' (狩人) which means 'Huntsmen', and is a supernatural action... fantasy... kind of genre (I think it kind of resembles the genres of Blue Exorcist, Noragami, Tokyo Ghoul, and a bit of Deadman Wonderland). I can not give an exact date on when I want to start releasing chapters on, but my target is the summer of 2019, with winter being the very latest. However, when I do finalise a date, I will make another post talking about it. What I do know, is that I will be posting a half-chapter every two weeks on Tapas and LINEWebtoon in the version that is formatted for these websites (One long scroll-down image), and a full chapter every month on Medibang in its original page-by-page layout, read as a manga (Because that's the only direction that Medibang lets you read comics in...).

On the said websites, I go by the name 'Arakuune' as well as on all of my other social media from now on. I have wanted to change my username for ages, and I thought that the announcement of Kariudo would be the perfect opportunity, even though I don't have Core membership to change it on DeviantArt (Feel free to point commission me, and I have also opened a donation pool if you would like to donate to support me and my comic or have a few spare points laying around, but please don't feel like you have to donate or commission me.)

Also, I now have Twitter (@ArakuuneART) and YouTube (Arakuune). Any support that you would care to give is very appreciated.

Thank you very much for reading and supporting me.

  • wow great improvement in the past several months. keep up the good work!

Even more updates...

I'm moving up in the world \(^o^)/... kinda, but I am going to take a break from social media (Almost) entirely, and I'll discuss that in a minute, I'll start with the good news first...

I'm going to be published in a book!!! \(0o0)/!! As well as the project I mentioned in my last MySpace, I've recieved a business offer for 2018 involving being published. In a physical book. That people can buy...
And I'll get money for. So yaay even longer without be posting, but that goes onto the next point I want to discuss.

I'm going to take a break, but I don't know how long for. (This will get slightly personal but I feel like it's good to discuss personal issues with your online following, especially since my issues are so common, especially to younger people which my audience is, and maybe people could learn from what I've been through, maybe ,idk, :P.). So... (Sits down).
I've recently been diagnosed with anxiety and dysthymia, and honestly things have been tough for me since knowing that I have two mental disorders (Thanks, anxiety.). I don't feel like social media is causing the problems, but I feel like I need some 'time off', so-to-say, to compose myself and get on with the things I need to. I may come online to see what everyone's doing and to remember all the support eveyone's been showing me the past year or two, which I really appreciate by the way, I can't thank you all enough! Every like, follow and comment makes me feel so special, and like my art isn't as sh*t as I see it to be!

But one thing I also want to say that I have a feeling people will be thinking (Or maybe that's just my anxiety again), I am NOT saying any of this for attention; I am not asking for comments, follows or anything like that, life isn't a popularity contest, and I am extremely happy with what love I'm already getting. I am discussing this topic simply to stay connected with my following, and mental health is something that should not be used for attention, but is still very important. It is something a person suffers with just as much as a physical health issue, and is morally wrong to be manipulated in such a manner just to get comments like "Aww, I followed you hope you feel better", which I have seen people do before, even in real life, but I will not name and shame.
But honestly, I'm OK, don't feel like you need to leave a positive comment, I've got so many on my drawings, you just reading this far is more than enough for me! <3

ANYWAY.... to end on a more positive note... follow your dreams, anything's possible!.. Don't do drugs and stay in school!
And if you're feeling depressed or anything like that ,PLEASE, talk to someone, I know how hard it may be but it will make you feel so much better in the long run. And even if I don't know you at all, I still believe in you, everyone's got the ability to achieve greatness, follow your dreams because you'll get there eventually <3

But until I come off my hiatus, Bye everyone! <3

  • Congrats on your contract and good recovery as well.

Updates/ Where I have been (And will be)

She's aliiiiive! First of all, I want to apologise for my recent inactivity, it doesn't feel like August since I've last posted, but I have got a few drawings and paintings I'm working on so I'm hoping to share some of those soon!

--Where I've been--

A writer has recently approached me asking if I could make illustrations and help with character designs for a project that he's working on, and me being the person I am I said yes (I hate letting people down,it's both a blessing and a curse, haha). Despite the time we've already spent on it, we're still on the character design phase currently, which is an indicator of how long this is going to take since including myself, there are 4 of us working on it, 2 writers, me (The artist) and someone else who's just helping out generally.
I don't know if I'll post the illustrations once we're done, but I'm not going to say much else on this since I don't want to give anything away since the writer hasn't revealed anything more than: "I'm currently working on another piece of writing that will include a lot of custom illustrations", then he goes on to explain what I just did, and I'm going to stop rambling about this now...


If you follow me on DeviantArt or an Amino (Mainly Vocaloid or Overwatch Amino), you may already know this, but there's a commission window open on my DeviantArt page (Link in bio)! I'm only offering anime commissions at the moment since I'm quite busy working with the writer mentioned above, but I'm thinking of opening painting commissions when the project's finished since they take hours longer than anime.

I don't know how to end this, but if I go inactive for months again I'm probably not dead, just drowning in responsibilities...

  • good luck! :3 take your time also take a break if you need ittt

It's my birthday (Q&A)

Hello everyone! ^-^ As the title says, today is my birthday! Since I've been inactive for a while, I thought I'd do a Q&A to start interacting with everyone again! Feel free to ask me anything, not just about art, and I'll reply as soon as I can! But, I may not answer a question if I feel I dont want to, I will give a short explaination why, but feel free to ask about me personally or anything else ^^

A little note about my inactivity:
Thank you to everyone whose still liking and commenting whilst I was/am gone, it means so much to me! Even if I don't respond to your comment/ like/ follow, I still read or see every follow, like and comment, and all I can say is you're all too good to me (;_;) Thank you all so much, it means the world!

  • Happy b-day gurl. what is your setp by step process of drawing bodies

  • > FuzzyButter20 Thank you! I've always been drawing, but I've been taking drawing seriously since I was about 7 when my cousin showed me some of his anime art he was selling and I got the whole anime thing from him and decided to make a living out of it too!

  • > hirumei Thank you! Its probably hands or colouring the eyes so they look nice, but I still feel they seem out of place, so theyre definately a struggle for me!

  • Happy birthday :D Also a Q: when did you start drawing?

QnA time! (AMA)

I've decided to hold a Question and Anwer/ Ask me Anything session, because, heck, why not! Feel free to ask me anything you want, no limits on how much you can ask, and questions don't have to be about art! (I may not answer straight away, I'm posting this before I sleep so I'll have something to do when I wake up coz art block)
Ask away and have fun!

  • > Night T. (There's a 1000 character limit haha) Aaand that's about all I could think of from the top of my head, but you could always Google it or something. Also don't be afraid to make guidelines, when I don't my characters look like a pear, they really help! From there just mess around with style. Have an image of what you want your style to look like in your head, then change the proportions accordingly. When you're happy, draw it again, and again. Keep repeating it until you can remember the proportions, then maybe try a simple gesture drawing, then get more complex as I said above to keep the anatomy of your drawings consistent, no matter what pose. I hope I helped!

  • > Night T. The way I normally practice gesture drawings is to do it traditionally so I'm not distracted by an undo button or the 'transform' options you get with digital art. To start I'd only do one or two slower, simple ones a day just to get the feel of it, then move on to quicker, more dramatic poses but still every day, as I've found that's the fastest and best way to improve. If youre struggling for poses, try drawing a curved line and imagine it as a spine, then build up from there.For female structure it's a bit harder because of art styles, but the basics in realism are: - A woman (including her head) is 7-8 heads tall. - Each shoulder is a head wide (as if the woman had 3 heads, the extra two would be able to sit on each of the shoulders) - The waist is about as wide as the head for a slim - average size woman. - The legs are about 4 heads long -The elbow joint is parallel to the waist (I ran out of space in thia comment lol)

  • The fastest way to learn gestures and female structure? Not only practice XD