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Here's what you should be expecting maybe before the release of Unravel Corpse chapter 4.

Yokoda Takeyoshi presents 解くの死体「トくのシタイ」ONESHOT featuring a different side of characters which will have a big role in the series.

Hope to release it soon and may you guys have a good one. ^_^
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  • 横田 竹吉
    The name of the protagonist is Watanabe Kukiro「渡辺クキロ」. The story, unlike the current series, will be more lighter and well... Its still a tragedy.

    Anyways, since the oneshot will not be out yet, please read the current series "Unravel Corpse" and don't forget to like, and post a review on my work because it will really help me to improve my art.

    Also please let me know your theories on what will happen next on the ongoing series. Thanks! (^∆^)
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