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I hadn't used my Ohuhu markers in a month

  • > TheFanartFREAK Lol, t h o n k .

  • > DordusRising (Belmont Mode) Haha maybe he did XD I also really like 5D's, but mostly I love all the series pretty equally.

  • > TheFanartFREAK That’s my bro’s favorite. Btw maybe Chazz got a tan before the picture lololololol?

  • > DordusRising (Belmont Mode) I haven't finished GX yet, but out of the Yu-Gi-Oh series I've finished, Zexal is my favorite :D


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big oof

  • > TheFanartFREAK No problem! Even the one minute one is really good!

  • > DordusRising (Belmont Mode) Thank you :D

  • Nice!


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Favorite character 1 hour challenge

  • > TheFanartFREAK haha, it's propably everone's too XD

  • > Qairi You really think so? Thank you! 😀 Lineart is actually my least favorite part to do xD

  • awesome lineart as always


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Watercolor stuff

  • > TheFanartFREAK Whatever floats your boat.

  • > DordusRising (Belmont Mode) Thank you, but I might still slightly redesign her, after seeing her and Yusei side-by-side

  • > TheFanartFREAK It looks fine. But it looks like a female version of Yusei. I still like the drawing tho.

  • > DordusRising (Belmont Mode) Haha, really? Yeah I guess sometimes I think she looks like Yusei, but whenever I try to change my OC's design, I just don't like it, and it doesn't seem like her anymore XD But maybe one day I'll try to change the jacket color, that might help :D


Illustrations has been published.


  • > Lostmyusername I actually do want to try deviantART, but idk 😂

  • Oh have you not been on deviant art, I used to post there myself but I miss the older layout so much that I might not go back... but maybe I’ll post there again 😅 and I wonder about some site I posted on called manga something or something manga if I ever remember it 😂

  • > Lostmyusername OoF, that's sad how common it is, I don't have any other social medias besides this

  • Yes, that’s not nice. I’ve heard it can be bad on twitter.