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  • I wanna see the Sonic movie soooooooooo bad right now...

  • > The Jewelstone Queen Aight, imma collab with you both

  • > Char Sure my dude, I actually visited your page and thought of joining ;)

  • He's just a baby blue boi. Ah yes. As Char mentioned, I have a collab hot and ready!


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Collab with Danizinha!

  • > 南川 Thank you!

  • > Danizinha Undertale Your welcome! It was fun doing this collab!

  • > The Jewelstone Queen Oui thanks

  • > Sarah Hibat Allah Thank you!


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  • > Blackkitty Lol XD

  • > The Jewelstone Queen Oh lmao

  • > DanDraw Oh no...

  • > The Jewelstone Queen Ya, I was thinkin of somethin like that...


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Ask me anything! (read desc)

  • I've recently started to watch Ninjago. And I love Cole. Like a lot. 😍. I've posted some drawings of him. AHHHH COLE!

  • Also, apart from Sonic and Pokemon, what cartoons do you like to watch?

  • HI INFINITE STYLEZ! It's me, DJ Digital art! I wasn't on medibang for a while because I realised I was on my school account. I finally got a new one and I'm posting again. I'm following you right now. You've made a lot of progress :)

  • Fav colour?


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Thank you 200+ followers!!!

  • > Infinite stylez Wow... thank you! QwQ

  • > Infinite stylez Alrighty!

  • > Infinite stylez Your welcome! :D

  • > D20GeekBoi55 Sure, imma see if I can do dat


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who doesn't like the werehog?

  • > The Jewelstone Queen XD Ues He floof

  • Sonic: I want more floof like silver. Sega: *sonic unleashed sonic: Ah, so this is what I get....

  • > SxB 💜 Ahhhhhh Muchas gracias amigo

  • Es muy tiernooooo me gusta


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Request done for macunicorn11! hope you like it!

  • Dats noice! And i did notice your style change. I also have a request: Do you think you could draw Ridley?

  • > Infinite stylez Lololol you're so fast 😭 also Your Welcome !

  • > Prarie♡ Thank you :))

  • > Blackkitty XDXDXD Finally, someone got my point ;)) Thank you.


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FrEEzE pEEps (read desc if ya want)

  • > Infinite stylez Ah, I see. I think I've been frozen like twice, but back in May my old account got suspended :\

  • > Soulever Spirits I am really happy that you are back! Welcome back friend :"))

  • > TheFanartFREAK It means that their accounts are deleted by madibang... They won't be able to do anything other then checking their gallery or making art on a canvas, for submitting and using cloud brushes, they would need to sign in again but, with a different account because thier previous wont work on medibang

  • Aww, thank you! I am back tho!

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


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Request done for Nebula! leslie!

  • > Infinite stylez :D

  • > Nebula I am so happy that you like it! It was really fun doing this!!!

  • > Infinite stylez Your Welcome !

  • > Infinite stylez Np!


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Yo y la creadora de SxB~ espero que les guste ~

  • If you dont feel like doin it, it's okay haha. I wont force ya 💐😊 have a nice day

  • I know you posted one without her wearin it, but it'd be nice to have another one just to be sure(also i wanna see more of your art!!)

  • 👉👈 may you draw a lil reference of your character with the hood down? 🥺im really curious. A rough draft will do😊

  • > The Jewelstone Queen Aww, thank you so much ^^


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vent.. (read desc pls)

  • Have a good rest, my dear.

  • Me encanta el dibujo La tristeza y la sonrisa a la vez

  • No hay problema amiga, no te sientas mal y eso siempre le pasa a un dibujante así que descansa todo lo que quieras y nos vemos algún día...HASTA PRONTO AMIGA

  • Don't push on art. Rest well. ;]


Illustrations has been published.

Request done for Bella! I hope ya like it ^^

  • > Infinite stylez Aaawww gracias 💜 Algún día cumpliré tu deseo 😊😉

  • > SxB 💜 Aaa muchas gracias seguramente estoy esperando que publiques tu arte digital espero que publiques pronto :)

  • Que calidad te quedoooooooo Ahhhh con ver esto me dio ganas de dibujar de nuevo en digital 😞😊 Pero está lindo Me gusta tu arte 🌸🐾

  • > Infinite stylez Great ! And your welcome 💕


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Taking requests (4 max) (CLOSED)

  • > macunicorn11 Oh sure, don't worry!!!

  • > Infinite stylez I don't have a specific thing that I want drawn... I just want something cute and disney!! Thanks again!!

  • > Infinite stylez Thanks so much!! Please keep me up dated and tell me when its done!!!

  • Aw, that little tear stream. Hope you're ok


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among us Doodle

  • It's totally cool my peep. I was probably the most inactive. Also that bean is deadly cute.

  • > Infinite stylez Eh...You happy because I'm back ? Oh MY- AAAAAAA- If you see me right now, really, my face just turns red because I'm being Flattered (Again) >=< aaaaah Thank you so much Stylza, My Friend 💕


  • Looks cute 💕 Good job stylza !


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Anime boi

  • > Blackkitty Thank you But, ya know glitches in my style..

  • > h o ɳ e y d e w ♡ Am happy that you liked it Thank you so mucH

  • > Danizinha Undertale Thanks

  • > Kmy_kpe 🥳 ¿Oh enserio? Muchas gracias


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Amy Doodle

  • Oh my god this drawing's from heaven

  • oooh pretty

  • > Blackkitty Thank you❤❤💖

  • > The Jewelstone Queen Hehe thank you!❤


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yet AnothEr black cat-

  • How do people make that glitch effect T-T i want to know qvq

  • > PogoRabbit Thank you soo much!

  • oh pretty

  • > Infinite stylez De nada y te felicito bastante que estés aprendiendo un nuevo idioma 😀✨🌹


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The Black Cat 🐱

  • > SxB 💜 Ayy Muchas gracias

  • Woooooow!!! Is very Beatiful I like your drawing friend

  • > Blackkitty I- A mad lad lol XD Thank you!!!!

  • > βҽӀӀą THANK YOU-


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Finally, posted something..

  • > Soulever Spirits Heheh I am happy that you can relate XP

  • Excuse me ma’am, you need to stop making these so relatable

  • > Danizinha Undertale Ye- Me too :(

  • I hate school !!! >:-(


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you don't mess with the blue blur-

  • Epic blue boi. I was wondering what you thought of the sonic movie.

  • > DanDraw Thanks Dan :))

  • > PogoRabbit Hello pogo! Thank you, I am happy that you are satisfied with the colors!

  • poo cool colors


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Butterflies 🦋🦋🦋

  • > Keyreshel OhhO, thahank yah!!!

  • mastahh!!

  • > Infinite stylez No problem comrade :>

  • > βҽӀӀą Thank you bella!!!


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Happy bday Ritsu!!!

  • > Danizinha Undertale Thahaank you

  • WOAH !!! This is sooo cool !

  • > DordusRising Thanks!

  • Noice!


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Gift for Soulever spirits!♡♡♡

  • your color use is so cool

  • > Puppy gurl 67789 Hello, Thank you Puppy girl!!^^

  • I love it keep up the great work

  • > Blackkitty Really??? Thank you so much 😢❤❤


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aight, read first comment/desc

  • > Infinite stylez Here are some screenshots of what I am working on:

  • > DordusRising Bye :)))

  • > Infinite stylez Thx. Bye!

  • > DordusRising K, I think I should close this chat cause I am restricted to do something like this, it was great knowing that you guys were siblings :')