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pride month private collab! (read disc)

  • Yeah I saw. I’m fine with it though*

  • And I meant has the collab spot been filled

  • Yes I Did.

  • >Zaniac You saw your collab with me got taken down? It severally pissed me the fuck off.


Illustrations has been published.

my baby boy who’s an angel in heaven. (read disc)

  • He will rest peacefully and still be ur guardian

  • Wow about five dogs died in my life well all that I remember ._.

  • But still, Blame horrible gate creation not yourself

  • >it’s my fault for not going tell someone who can. I was in the driveway waiting on our waitr delivery to come and drop off our food for dinner and I mean I tried closing it myself but it was just stuck and I just kinda forgot about it. T^T


Illustrations has been published.

Gabe! (base used because I was a tad too lazy :P)

  • just saying this in case it seems like I'm coming at you. I'm not. and I'm clearing this up before someone comes at me for it.

  • well it's a very common design

  • Oh, I’ve never looked at your page so I wouldn’t know.

  • looks like my boi Doom.