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  • > mint mochi True. Well, I don't have an Instagram, sadly. :/

  • > Voloris_ It’s mint__mochi yes sadly I hate this app it’s brought nothing but stress and tracers do I quit not only that but all my friends left this app too

  • > mint mochi oh

  • > Voloris_ I hate this app but I have insta I’m a little bit more active there


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  • > sins_crossing Pog

  • > mint mochi pog

  • > sins_crossing Pog

  • > mint mochi pog


Illustrations has been published.

Guess who back

  • > !mogi thx u so much :0

  • ooo ur art style is adorable! i love it

  • aaaaa hi

  • > RiiRen Yh I’m gonna dip again tho 💀


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  • > pErSon Thx u✨✨

  • yes razorrr he looks awesome in your style💕💕😩

  • > RiiRen Same I need him along with Bennett I hope you get him tho

  • > ɴᴀʀᴜᴅʏɴᴇ • ᴊɪʀᴏ ʏᴀᴍᴀᴅᴀ Yes bb indeed😌


Illustrations has been published.

im quitting

  • your art is.. well godly i,... love it.. its not childish at all minti its the best art

  • don't stress and pressure yourself too much dude >:0 your art is hot like potato crisps, I can confirm. I kinda get why you feel that way about your art, and I hope you'll feel better. take care and I hope you'll come back soon :D

  • Good luck out there, Mint! I hope to see you again and I really hope your art journey satisfies what you want! I hope you enjoy the destress time!

  • I like your art style, don’t worry. I HATE my style a lot of the time


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for narudyne

  • > mint mochi Np!^^

  • > ɴᴀʀᴜᴅʏɴᴇ • ᴊɪʀᴏ ʏᴀᴍᴀᴅᴀ ahhh thx u so much glad you like it :)

  • Bruh I love this so much and they'd definitely have that dynamic- Yessss they can^^ Thank youuuuuujwiwjjw Yours is cute^^


Illustrations has been published.

summer break

  • > mint mochi oooo cool!

  • > umbriiel Ayyy thxs :)

  • > NixIsLost Switzerland

  • oh wowie! where you going?


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  • > mint mochi yea, ive been meaning to post more stuff just ive been making recently is like discord emotes for people

  • > NixIsLost I missed you too but you don't post anymore and isn't active as much

  • > mint mochi YEA NP! i missed u :0

  • > NixIsLost ahhh thx u so much it's a game :)


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  • > Maehem Thx u so much

  • Your Art Is So Amazing TwT


Illustrations has been published.

>w< redraw

  • > Maiiku Ayy I haven’t chat to you in a minute- anyway thx u

  • Chonguyn popsicle- Anyway , there is improvement and the drawing is very cute ^^

  • > ♞¡PhøenixX-G (PG)!♚◢◤ Thx u so much!

  • This looks great!


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green just green

  • > umbriiel G reen

  • g reen

  • > 🌈🍄TheDevilsPlayer🥀🖤 Thx u so much

  • Eeeee! So green! Love it 😻😻


Illustrations has been published.


  • > Maehem Thx u so much although all my old art are getting like 80 likes now and 50 favourites but it’s ok I will get better

  • Your artstyle is so beautiful and amazing TwT It's so inspiring and it deserves so much more attention! Keep up the amazing work

  • > ali-chi | Alus uwu (Fundy Mode) Thx u :)

  • Mmm I like the messy style :D

Multiple illustrations uploaded5


Illustrations has been published.


  • > モレナコンデ✨ Thx u for the stamp :D

  • > RiiRen thx u so much I thought the eyes were shit


  • Okay! All good ;)


Illustrations has been published.

for a collab :)

  • > Malaya_Blue thx u for the stamps

  • > よもぎ丸 thx u!

  • damn I can't spell I meant access