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  • > Ivy no mi ciela tu más UWU 👌✨

  • Tan linda como siempre -w-


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Dares with ink (RxI) #1

  • > just a twig u welcome!

  • OH MY GOSHNESS I started laughing when I saw this THANKSSSSS!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  • Can I do one? I dare Ink to sing chandelier by Sia whilst hanging onto a chandelier. It's the only dare I can think of and I don't know if someone would like to do it but it's ok if not want to.

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


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dares with... ink (RxI challenges) XD

  • To ink: I dare kiss error for 2min (sorry rainbow) To rainbow: said this to ink this "I love you" and slap ink (but not harder :3)) I dare ink to go the different ship Ab errink :> (with rain)

  • I felt bad for hurting Ink with my last dare so I have a new one For Ink (again): Try to spend 24 hours painting :D

  • For Rainbow: hug all the moths in the world For Ink: Watch paint dry for 24 hours

  • for Rainbow: find a stick but with box on your head for Ink: take the cat and r u n for both: d o n ' t press the yellow button don't ask about the randomness


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  • > Ivy Yo no tengo pero con mis primos si me a pasado xd

  • > Ivy ._.XD

  • Si nunca acusaste o te acusaron con mamá fracasaste como hermano porque en muchas familias esto es lo más normal del mundo :v

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ I don't have brothers lol-


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  • ✨nice

  • Underverse**


  • Underverse yesss, this is awesome!


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*SNEEZE* / Read desc

  • > just a twig Ty ❤️✨

  • qwq that's sad get better soon

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  • > WolfGirl tysm ❤


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I'm ✨Sick✨

  • > NufinThing thx ❤

  • > Nobody333 I'll be better soon ❤!

  • oh no :( hope you get better soon!

  • Get well soon!!