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  • > DanMaeDe_Arts omg~ why? your art's so great! keep drawing sweet heart :) usually when I feel lack of motivation, I look at another artist artwork, and I'll start drawing again... so keep spirit! XD

  • > Hayra96 Omg this made me cry TT^TT nowadays I rarely post new arts on my social media accnts due to lack of motivation. Thank you for saying such motivational message.

  • Wuaaa~ it's so shining, shimmering, and splendid~ Keep your good work! Stay save, healthy, and don't forget to be happy~ Let's support each other artist too ~(^O ^~)


Illustrations has been published.

Kamado Nezuko

  • > DanMaeDe_Arts click it's just an art

  • > しにちろはくろ hi may I ask what is the link for?