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uh regarding name change

sr.serotonin has been my discord name for awhile and ive honestly feel like it fits me more than boiledsunflowers does. idk how to explain it but ive never really liked my username because people always made fun of it lmao. ofc sr serotonin is a even more ridiculous name but at least its one i like. theres no exact reasojn ig :) ALSO my pronouns are they/them and I am agender so i would like you to respect that if you could^^

  • > SR.SEROTONIN It's no issue that you changed your user, do whatever you're comfortable with

  • ALSO YOU CAN STILL CALL ME SUNNY BTW I DONT WANNA CONFUSE ANYONE. BUT CALLING ME SERO IS PRETTY COOL TOO SKDAKDSDS theres also gonna be alot of changes to my profile bcs im starting to get back into digital art. and my profile looks like a mess rn lmao.

why im quitting moonlit garden (full)

For those of you who haven't seen my topic. This is fully edited for ease of reading :)
I recommend all my followers reading this please because this is really important to me and my account.

  • *I'm excited for the new shorter one tho :0c

  • if you are new and haven't heard of my webcomic this isn't that important and you don't have to reads this if you don't want to. I understand my account has been growing faster lately and some of you that are new may be confused.

followers pls read (pt 2)

In the end I just wanna get my head cleared up and organized when im drawing moonlit garden I usually draw it one by one (until recently I've started creating pages in traditional beforehand.) I haven't even gotten full character sheets done because I convince myself I've got everything memorized in my head which just isn't gonna work in the future when I actually have to world build. fantasy stories are the most complicated, and im still a beginner. I wanna work on my paneling and just my general artwork and jumping into my passion project to me isn't a good idea because its just too complex for me right now. Im definitely not going to stop making moonlit garden, as I said its my passion project. And Im not going to stop making comics. The reason Im writing there is another story ive written/storyboarded that is an easier, smaller and lighthearted comic I wanna start working on soon. (in a couple days or a few weeks maybe?) It's a cute romance story that I kinda made up in my head after making a couple of ocs and the entire story for that is just clear to me. I dont have to figure out a magic system just something that easy for my head and something less angsty lmao. I hope eveyones fine with this. If your an Og of mine you KNOW how much I talked about moonlit garden, ive even restarted it 3 TIMES because I wasn't happy with it. its the first thing I came on medi to do and in the end ive kinda failed? I promise to you guys and to myself I WILL finish it one day. I just gotta get better at art a lil bit ok :)