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  • Superrrr coooool!!

  • > pluscoleultra Yes it is really awesome

  • Dude your comic is so unique and awesome art work If you want check out my comic hero 180 there is only one But I would be uploading a new volume every week And your story is also awesome

  • I guess it's meant to be found you on youtube just yesterday and was just browsing comics on here and found your work.


Comics has been published.

Icarus Rising

  • > Urmangaishorrible Why this dude so pressed lmaooooo like he hurt you personally or something, you armchair critics who couldn't do any of this crack me up calling it "horrendous" when you couldn't even scratch the surface made an account just to be salty retard forgotten to time lol.

  • I loved this! I loved the characters and their interactions! The art was beautiful as well! My only wish is for more!

  • The story was not my thing I didn't really like it probably cause it's the first chapter I will be waiting for more chapters and see how it goes

  • So I’ve you seen your Tik Tok’s everywhere, marketing basically your whole identity as “I’m an American making a comic whoaaaa.” I finally decided to check it out, it’s not good. Average at best, the art is fine and character designs are meh. The pacing is utterly horrible, the first chapter is meant to introduce the characters. I’m just just confused. Characters are generic as hell. To wrap it up this “manga” is not good, horrendous. Instead of marketing yourself as this “American manga author”, work on you’re fucking story dip shit.