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  • what happened?

  • You good ?

  • are you alright?

  • Hey what's wrong. If you need to talk I'm here to listen. Hope you get better.


Illustrations has been published.

siren redraw kinda

  • Sorry for the delay, I hope I got Siren’s design right ^^”


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another doodle

  • adorable! ;0

  • Why do these doodles look so strangely symmetrical :0...

  • It's so pretty.... btw I have an art contest


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12 redraw

  • Your artstyle is so beautiful!!

  • It’s okay! Welcome back ran! And the purple looks nice:>


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Ran doodle

  • > kitty radar I draw in ibis paint, and I use the genius pen

  • What tool do you use for lineart? :000

  • Oooooooo


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Cherry Pit

  • You draw very very super good :D!

  • Adorable

  • Hey there, can you draw Quirrel?

  • Awesome!


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How it began #2 + 3

  • U the background is awesome🤩

  • honestly, if you actually published a comic id 100% buy it- your art is amazing and so unique i absolutely love comics with unique art styles since a lot of em can just be anime-based stuff, which definitely isnt bad but i like to see different stuff :D

  • I just love this. I was waiting for a comic series for so long lol

  • :0 wow this is amazing...

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


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feeling ill

  • I hope you feel better soon. just remember, me and everyone else in collab time are here for you ♡

  • Hopefully you feel better 🙈 🥺

  • oh no well we're here for a word-vent if you need to ik some people arent as comfortable with it as others but it's ok we can take it otherwise i hope you feel better soon

  • Oh also If you need a hug my virtual hug is here !


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character design: Leo 2018 vs 2021

  • Ngl i also think 2021 leo looks way better

  • :D!

  • Oh! That’s really cool! There’s a lot of change and Leo looked awesome then and even better now!:D

  • N o I c e And I think they are both pretty cool! :D


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contest! read desc

  • well here it is and in time.. phew I thought I wouldn't be able to post on time but here it is and I hope you like it.

  • > D🐉D You can if you want, I might extend the date :0

  • May I join ? ( It might come a little late tho )

  • I finished! https: I just realized I never told you I was joining.. Lol sorry.. Surprise I guess! 😅👌


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oc for Randomly Found

  • Something Random, do you mind draw a half dragon half human boy for me? I look through your art and found it awesome

  • Thanks a lot!!!

  • pin k

  • 她好可爱