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I spot a major cutie! And it's you~

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ Literally the only exception of full pink things is Kirby because it can get away with murder

  • Well fuck Ok, pink is only ok to me if it's used "properly" if something is just straight up pink than I'm probably not going to like it but if it's mainly back or gray with hot pink in it than I'm all about that I don't fully hate pink, I just refuse to wear it because I'm not a fucking girly girl princess that loves pink everything and ponies, fuck that shit, everything is bugs, fuck ponies

  • Yo I love pink wdym >:[


  • Yes please if you're going to ship minors from anime, movies, cartoons, or whatever- never sexualize them pleaseeee Especially when they're flat out children

  • Yess But seriously luberto consists of two children CHILDREN

Stories inside a mental hospital

So I was lucky and didn't get to go to a stay in mental hospital. I arrived at 8 am and stayed until 3 pm. I don't have any super intense stories from it so these are just little things that happened to me. So for some reason, we weren't allowed to talk about our sexualities. Like there was this nice nurse but she always shot down any convos we had about us being gay. Idk why because it's not like we stayed there, we didn't have the chance to do the dirty especially since the hospital was small. So idk why that was such a big deal for that one nurse bc as I remember the other nurses didn't give no fucks if we talked about our sexualities. ✨ bE wHo YoU aRE~✨
Another story I have is that we had a new girl and she was gay as well. We talked for a bit and she said she was into girls who were the different race. We weren't allowed to trade phone numbers or any type of social but you know me. I was a single Pringle fishing for compliments. Let me have this. I was depressed as hell back then. And then this girl says. "Oh you're not my type tho"
Damn... Shot down in a godamn mental hospital. One last story I have (unless you wanna hear more) is that there was this new high school girl coming in. We had a side for middle schoolers and one for high schoolers. Anyway she was kicking and crying talking about she didn't want to be here, that she was fine, and that she's not like these people. Which- I get that she was just in denial but sis calm down. We don't bite lol. We give you good coping mechanisms, we don't suck the depression out of you or something (that sounds very unsanitary)
Tell me if you wanna hear more guys!

  • Woah It must be hard for u I want to read more !

Haha slight nsfw


  • > ali-chi Yeah, best well let it be.

  • > ✨📦ₖₐᵣdbₒₐᵣdₖᵢd📦✨ I'm not gonna touch this conversation rn

  • > ❄ᴀꜱʜ❄ OOOOHUEHUEHEUE LOOK AT THIS DUDE KSHSHSHSHHHHHHHHHH O NONONO *grabs ash's cheese and throws it at the tiger child* HHHHHHAHHAHAAHAHAAAAAAA I've officially gone insane :')

  • What's tiger child expecting? They ain't gettin' shit from me except for maybe a piece of cheese or two