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I'm leaving Medi, I'm so sorry...

  • I hope to see you in the future, and I hope you will be okay!

  • seems cheesy but you were kinda a legend, atleast in medibang history. i was never really a "fan" of your content but i gotta respect your decision. goodbye :(

  • :( man you were one of my first followers it’s sad to see you leave

  • Aw man..., we'll miss you so much, u were always there when we needed u, and we were always there when u needed us we all have so many great memmories with u,we will never forget you,I wish u things will get better, and if things get better we will waiting for you here with a big tight warm hug


Illustrations has been published.

uhhh mothman oc???

  • > Stella No I want it I'll fight you for it!

  • Hey I'm opening a contest If you can please join

  • spooky

  • > Stella sure!! ^w^


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oh wow I'm not dead

  • why does this make me think of strawberry mochi?? oh great i'm hungry now

  • > ÐêåÐ^rð§ê§^{kiri mode} © why thank you!! uvu

  • Welcome back 👏


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  • > YoaiOwO again, I'm so sorry about what I said. if you need anything, just hmu and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. have a good day/night, my condolences.

  • > Sleepyxx Thank you. I’m sorry for my disrespect as well. I’ll be taking down my comments. I’m just trying to be a better person. Even if it isn’t in my mothers image.

  • > YoaiOwO I'm really sorry to hear about your mom, that was incredibly disrespectful of me. I hope you're doing okay, sorry for your loss.

  • > 🍰JessieCakes2.0🍰 Thank you. Maybe instead of saying some total bullshit,They will reconsider. Anyway I have better things to do than waste my time on a pig, he doesn’t even think before they speak.


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  • That's amazing! You know, I was drinking tea when I saw Tea. 😂


  • i love the stance-pose-thing you drew them in. it kind of reminds me of the weird kneading-the-ground thing that my dog does when he's excited :>


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  • woah this is cool

  • im sorry that happened, i know how painful it is to go through that i hope you feel better soon,,

  • Oml- im so sorry for ur loss..... i hope you are felling better. We are all here for you <3

  • I so sorry for your pet T-T


Illustrations has been published.

remake of an old oc!

  • > Cross wh- w o a h

  • > Sleepyxx QwQ I’m only ten

  • woah ;0

  • > .+*Pinkcat+*. awe, thank you!! nwn


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edgy sketch ✨

  • > Mossy eeee thank you!! I love both of those songs too btw- TwT

  • This is ethereal. It reminds me of the Neptune animation song, or “Talking Sleeping Waiting”. The mouth detail is GORGEOUS.

  • This is so amazing :0

  • eeeee tysm guys- TvT <3


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entry for Mxddy_paw!

  • > Sleepyxx Not the reverse card! Ester shall pull out another reverse card. Ester ish meh fursona btw. **REVERSE**

  • > SweetHoneyDreams gAsp- *pulls out uno reverse card*

  • > Sleepyxx It's all good! I was wondering why are you so amazing?!! It's absolutely criminal to be that amazing!

  • > SweetHoneyDreams sorry for the late reply btw- TwT


Illustrations has been published.

adopt from Dawnfeathers!!

  • Omg sorry I'm late but Omg this is all cool

  • eeeeeee this is stunning!!!! i love the fuzzy effect and how you did the little drippy tounge :>

  • masterpiece ❤️

  • ilovethedetailsomuchverygood


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  • > Sleepyxx Np dude!

  • > Sleepyxx ^^

  • > Ashley Kitsune eeeee ty- ;w; <333

  • > 𝒔𝒂𝒃𝒊𝒕𝒐➷。⸙͎۪۫⋆ ack- tysmm- TwT


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ack- tysm for 320!!

  • congrats dude!

  • Omg it's soooo awesome! Also you're welcome from me because I am one of your followers




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repost cuz I messed the other one up ✨

  • I am late as fuu Omg omg omg they are Apollo cute I want to hug emm omg!!

  • oh my gosh i want to hug them SO BAD RIGHT NOW. THEY LOOK SO SQUISHY

  • > Sleepyxx Wait why i am the exact same way LMAO like when someone complements me my brain just goes beep beep cant function

  • > Night ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ eeeeeee I can't take compliments- what little social interaction I've had never prepares me for em-


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some ocs I made ✨

  • > Mossy wOaH- you're so good at coming up with names :O

  • awwwwwWw

  • > Sleepyxx Mocha, Tiramisu for the Sea Bunny, Tangerine, Fizzle, Starburst, Clementine, Mango, Anemone (yes WoF reference), Celeste for the Sea Butterfly.

  • ah frick I just realized I messed the background up- imma repost this rq


Illustrations has been published.

hmm yea more edgy stuff

  • > Sleepyxx no, not rlly, but same to your adopts, any colors or species-

  • > ℝ𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕠𝕜𝕦-𝕊𝕒𝕟 aaa ty!! are there any specific traits/themes/colors that you want for yours?

  • > Sleepyxx xD ty! i'll start doing adopts ( u won 2 on my contest and this another ) today, second request is almost done ^^

  • > ℝ𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕠𝕜𝕦-𝕊𝕒𝕟 I would love to!! your art is literally so amazing-


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✨random edgy thing ✨

  • Omg haha that's both edgy and funny!!! It's awesome!! I love edgy stuff!

  • oh boy- you know that feeling when you haven't looked at an art piece in an hour or so and you kinda forget what it looks like- then you finally look at it again and OH MAN does it look weird

  • so cool ;0

  • woahh thats so cool!! :OO

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


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wip for Nova147!

  • ok I love that tail :0

  • > 🦁 TurboSun 🦁 thank you!! ;w;

  • She is so cool :0 !


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2nd wip of Button!

  • So first : this art is so cute af- And two : i know you probably dont remember of me but just know that im alive again UwU And again, this art and this babe are just so cute hhhhhh-

  • ;0 also i need u to comment ur 2 requests on my newest post ^^

  • mega big spoop this is heccin' creepy

  • crunchy


Illustrations has been published.

WIP of Button!!

  • I love it, it's awesome already.

  • This is gonna look awesome!

  • this is big spooky also HOW IS YOUR ART SO GOOD

  • The product of my edgy has come to fruition at last! Thank you so much for making him! He looks PERFECT in your style!!


Illustrations has been published.

gift for Ashley Kitsune!

  • Memes I'm watching memes at this current hour.

  • > cy ofc!! ^w^

  • > Sleepyxx sure thing! could you actually do the adopt you gave me a couple months ago? i love da boy i just havent had much time to make digital art of him (top left)

  • > cy maybe could you do my oc Kiwi or Patches? also, what would you like??


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Chia doodles

  • > Sleepyxx Thx :3

  • > littledidyaknow okay!! your ocs are so cool-

  • > Sleepyxx Umm ok u can do any of my oc’s just make it in ur style

  • > littledidyaknow sure! it might take a lil while tho- ;-; so what do ya want? ^w^


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Patches ref sheet


  • > Ashley Kitsune Ofc!! <3

  • > Sleepyxx Can I draw him? Specifically my character hugging him to make him feel batter

  • > Ashley Kitsune oh, they're a good boi- they're just kinda sad


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clown oc 🤡

  • under no circumstances

  • Should I be scared of it? Its kinda cute but I'm scared of clowns

  • That is really pretty! Good job!


Illustrations has been published.


  • > 🦁 TurboSun 🦁 aaaa ty! TwT

  • They are soooo CUUUUTTTEEE ! And Congrats for 295. Followers , Soon 300 !! ;)

  • I was frozen

  • aww you drew them! they look so cute in your style AHHH!!!!


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Another wip!

  • are there any left? TvT

  • > Sleepyxx OH MY GAWRSHHHH

  • > DawnFeathers Lol here’s a lil doodle

  • > Sleepyxx oh okay thank you! I hope I didn't add to the confusion, i just really want them. I even decided their gender and possible name as well as falling in love with a ship between them and the blue winged doggo I got from you a while back. I am i n v e s t e d.