Next manga will be up in english too! If i force myself to translate it XD

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【日本語・ENG】まだ描いてます・・・ Still drawing

・・・が、いろいろあって(試験)コンテストに間に合えず、描いてた漫画の欠点に打たれて、次のプロジェクトに向かおうと思ったw ファンタジーです、今回。カロンタクシー社も描き直そうと思っているが、まだ100%じゃないw
Still drawing, but there have been things going on (exams mostly), and i couldn't make the deadline for the contests, and i lost interest in the manga i was drawing orz So i thought i'd move on to something else, a fantasy manga. I also might redraw Charon Taxi Company (still not available in eng, what am i doing...), but i'm not sure yet
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