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You can become my artist! I am looking for a talented artist for a weekly 4koma (4 panel webcomic) series. I need someone who has the time to make weekly episodes. This will be a seasonal contract. First season serves as a trial run. The series will run on Tapas and Webtoons. If it gets featured or is successful, I will do another season and it will be paid per episode. A season averages about 20-30 episodes.
This series is about the daily life of retail employees.
Those interested can message me or respond here. You must have illustrations on Medibang for me to review or some other website linked in your profile that has your works. If I do not get back to you, don't take it the wrong way but assume that I did not choose you. I am looking for a particular art style, so if I come across someone that I see fit, there's a chance they will be hired!
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