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Maybe yo solo... mh... dibujo por hobby <3 pero pueden pedirme un favor, si es que soy de ayuda, claro uwu.

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Eri Kasamoto 💛

  • OMG HOLA :0 que coincidencia 💖

  • No se cómo, pero te he encontrado aquí XF Ya podré stalkearte fuera de Amino (???


Illustrations has been published.

Chloe & Polar.

  • > Zoellla Hey aren't u the one who called my friend's art ugly and that u were drinking bleach?

  • Coote

  • りゆきゆゆなまへつしゆらみゆやゆへつ

  • きゆゆきはひきぬきへめきりくみつぬくめむくゆくゅきむぬきづしちききぴよきめきぬぬふきゆきめく


Illustrations has been published.

YoiLatte ❤

  • This is super cute! Sorry, I can't speak in Spanish but I love it! I will put a translation sometime soon