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Pls join :3

  • > ☆miralikescupcakes8☆ LMAO Sometimes i forget all my followwers knoww im obsessed wwith Homestuck-

  • > WinterSkyblue Oof sorry about that I left cuz I was having class and my mum walked into my room and I didn’t want her to suspect I was doin something else either than learning

  • > Creampuffu The fact that u asked me to draw gamzee calling on a Nokia phone

  • why did you guys leave me i wanted to play and i just got home

Important question

How exactly do people’s accounts get frozen

  • > ➼ Oh

  • > ☆miralikescupcakes8☆ nope, i only knew that bc it said in the email that told me i was frozen

  • > ➼ When you get reported do you get notifications?

  • if medi decides someone breaks too many rules [such as posting photographs or mostly text images as illustrations] they will freeze your account, or if someone reports you too many times evan 's account has been frozen before because someone got in beef with it and repeatedly flagged its old account with copyright claims -rb


So I wanted to get deviantart but I don’t think it’s that safe soo are there anything’s similar to it that are safe?

  • > peepeepoopoo Yeah tumblr is fine too!

  • I would recommend ☆Artfol☆ the community is good and welcoming and there's no algorithms so your followers can always see your works. ^_^

  • from anything ive heard, art tumblr is alright

  • deviant art is pretty cool as long as you stay away from the weird parts (which is harder to find nowadays) other than that,, maybe instagram or twitter? :^


If I were to sell adopts for real money would people buy it and if so how much should it cost

  • > peepeepoopoo 10 bucks it is B) I’d be rich

  • i would buy but i dont have a paypal or such but i think they would be 4-10 bucks

  • > 𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚊𝚞𝚞𝚑𝚑 10 dollars sounds good enough then I buy a minecraft realm

  • I can't buy them (because I don't have a bank account or any money) but maybe they could be 5-10 dollars? Or 5-13 dollars? Idk how adopts usually cost but those seem like pretty fair prices to me :]