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10 hours / Day

Some SW questions
1: Some touhou mangas, like Curiosities of Lotus Asia
2: Psychogram by DECO*27,,,
Hey, I love you
It's too amazing; I don't want to give it up
Hey, if it isn't me,
Who were you gonna choose?

I had to watch it again to see the English subtitles lol, it's originally Japanese~

  • > Bubba21 Cool~!! My favorite song is Q by Shiina Mota (but I prefer V Flower's cover because the voice quality is just so amazing~!!) I hum and sing my favorite song too~!! Btw I'll listen to that song too ^w^

  • Well the last song i've listen too it older by sasha alex sloun i love this song i listen to it on repeat sometimes i love to sing it or lip sing it in the car and hum it.

  • Hello? Anybody here?

  • oh WAIT- Psychogram isn't the last one I've listened to- It was "Q" by Shiina Mota- (but V flower's cover)

Aaaa what's going onnnn

It's been 2 hours but my battery is still at 60%

  • The thing in the wall that makes the cord work might give too much or not enough energy things for your device I was told this could happen and it did- With the iPad I draw on, I think it needs 10 to charge, it says so on the wall thing- (I donโ€™t remember what itโ€™s called ;u;)

  • make sure it's all the way plugged in, maybe use a different charger? Reboot your device as well

  • > Izayoi qwq

  • I wish my phone was like your phone... my phone was had 28 battery. just turned 19...qvq