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I'm open for adopts and requests. If you want one, please private message me :)


  • > 「Asriel」 6. Complicated 9. Taurus maybe 18. Suni (for personal reasons) 20. Idk lol

  • 6, 9, 18, and 20

  • > Izayoi 5. Idk really 7.Serenity x Ace or Taurus x Reagan x Luna 10. Maybe Luna's idk

  • 5, 7, 10


Do I inspire any of you? If so, how (or even, WHY)?

  • Yeah you inspire me!! I'm not sure why though.. I'm easily inspired I guess. Sorta? You're art is really good and when art is good is gives me ideas for my own art (sometimes) I'm not a creative person. Dang, typing this give me confusion..

  • Hell yeah! Ur art is godly and I look up to you in a way ✨🌸

  • Yes you do, you have come so far and have grown so much and your art is incredible, you inspire me to keep drawing