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Yo people of art street!

Man, it's been a month and some weeks now has it?

I know I have not made any new projects in a while and I'm not sure if people remember any of the stuff I made in the past month and I'm sorry. I have many ideas in mind that I want to draw but haven't been the most fortunate as of late to make any of my drawings.

First of all is my slump. Lazy as it sounds but I got ideas from reading and watchin a ton of anime and manga. As well as catching up on some light novels I had stowed away in the corner. I plan to do some sort of crossover art from anime and manga that'll sometime in the future.

Secondly, I'm sick. I've been going down with the sickness that had me off my computer for a while and is still affecting me up to this date. I am recovering and will get better. Just not anytime soon. Don't be like me guys and take more care of yourselves.

And lastly, my pc is pretty much in a bad condition and is barely usable(Its about 8 years now and its a miracle this thing is still alive). I have saved up to get a new setup that my dad is willing to buy me one so hurray for that!

That said, hope you all have a great day and stay safe at homes!

P.s short story I experienced yesterday. Some fool tried to steal one of my artworks that happened to be on google images if you search for it. The person then took that photo and edited it and tried his best to remove my watermarks out of the art and submitted my stolen work on an fb page art contest. Thankfully enough, the fb page recognized the art was stolen and the stupid son of b!tch was disqualified from the contest lol. Bottom line, please dont go stealing people's art XD