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Custom Adopts and requests are always open, please pm me if you would want something!

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Song themed adopts [pls read des!!] | OTA :]

  • i could do a fully rendered drawing for never met? my app isnt laggy anymore and ill have the time :] it can be a fullbody

  • :00000000000000000000000 hot girl bummer looks SO COOOL AAAAAA *grabby hands*


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Adopts :]

  • alright, tysm!

  • > dizzy.leaff Yeah that’s fine! Take your time and don’t rush your self! :]

  • sure! i dont know much ab ghostbur but ill try an do some research so i dont base it off of the wrong thing ^^ btw my week is busy with school and sports so is it ok if i work on the payments over the weekend?

  • > dizzy.leaff Offer accepted! Could you draw Cassidy and them for the fullbodys For the halfbody could you draw Andy? And for the themed adopt could i have a femboy adopt themed on Ghsotbur?


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The Adopt Batch [8/8 OPEN]

  • > TotallyNotCass ofc!! i’ll get right to working on em :))

  • > ♥ puppii ♥ For the requests could you draw cassidy and And for the custom maybe a male that is pastel, hospitalcore aesthetic?

  • > TotallyNotCass yes! i wasn’t sure if you would still be active here lol what do you want for your request/customs ? :)

  • > ♥ puppii ♥ Umm, sorry to bother you but are you still interested in the adopt?

Multiple illustrations uploaded3


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Adopt [OPEN]

  • > TotallyNotCass Ok, thank you for her

  • > Squidkid64 Offer accepted!

  • > Lylth Tysm!! And Np! :]

  • So cute!!!! Tysm for follow!


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Among Us Themed Adopt [OPEN]

  • 3 Customs? :]

  • great designs as always :)) /pos i’ll offer 2 customs and 2 requests

  • Ooh cute! :0 I offer two requests and a custom adopt

  • > Squidkid64 Tysm!!


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A ugly lil sketch!!

  • don't worry everything is ok uwu ! and NO this NOT UGLY this is really cute lmao ❤ D:< !!

  • And dw, we understand~! Take your time ✨

  • Nooo it looks really amazing~!!!


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Eeeee (read des if u want)

  • I change my offer to 2 free commissions/requests and 2 custom adopts. This is for the first one BTW.

  • Alright for 2 I'll offer 3 requests, 2 full body drawings, and 3 custom adopts btw these designs are adorable

  • I offer 2 free commissions for the first one

  • Muy bonito dibujó


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Demon Adopt (read des) [Open]

  • I change my offer to 2 free commissions/requests and 2 custom adopts

  • I offer 2 free commissions

  • Agafsa- they're so cute UvU. I offer 2 custom adopts and 1 full body request


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Adopt (read des if u want)

  • Ill offer 2 full bodies Requests and a headshot request UwU

  • Their so cute >u<

  • > TotallyNotCass oo swag!! want 2 full body pics of characters of ur choice in exchange for this bean!?

  • > MOO! |v! baku Yep! You just offer something like a headshot or a fullbody or something.


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Progm Dress

  • > TotallyNotCass oh that's fun! It looks like a really good dress :D

  • It looks so amazing~!!✨✨✨ I have no idea what to do with mine qwq

  • > ⓈⓣⓡⓔⓢⓢⓔⓓⒽⓞⓞⓜⓐⓝ It’s a prom people are having here on medi

  • Its so cute! I also have a question, whats progm?


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Adopts :] OTA [OPEN]

  • Uhhh can u tell me what to draw in other adopts I offered to adopt, u accepted the offers. I’m just reminding u hehe in case u forgot

  • Art, a character, and anything you want for #3 I'll give you my soul ahshagshgfa

  • 2 request and a custom adopt? (Will do 2 adopts if wanted) for #2

  • Woooooow so beautiful 😭👌🏻💖✨


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Arts (read des if u wants)

  • Very cute! Who are they?

  • OMGGG IT LOOKS SO AMAZING~!!!!✨✨✨ Tysm honey~!!❤️💜✨✨

  • AAAAAA TYSM !!!💜💜

  • Aww adorable!


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The Adopts :)

  • So beautiful 😍💖✨!!!! Thx 🌺

  • Aww she's looks so cute! Thank you!

  • Awwwww she's so cuteeee !!!! Thanks you so much Cass !!!!💜💜

  • Awe!! He's so cute!! thank you so much!! :D


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Cass ref sheet

  • I think pink hair looks good on them, great job !

  • Beautiful 🌺✨!!!!

  • > TotallyNotCass Np !!!^^💜

  • Omg it looks so amazing~!!!!✨✨✨ I think you also made a ref sheet before—


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  • > {Llyr/Wibur} Bee•cat Tysm!!

  • > TotallyNotCass Ofc :3

  • Could 1 & 2 be twins?(i’m writing a little mini story kind like FNaF and need twin characters) If so then #1 Name: Ava Anderson Age: 12 Gender: Female (she/her) Aesthetic: soft girl aesthetic Outfit: you can pick (maybe something with a dress or skirt?) Accessories: bows and stickers #2 Name: August Anderson Age: 12 Gender: male (he/them) Aesthetic: soft boy aesthetic Outfit: you can pick (maybe a hoodie or overalls or anything really) Accessories: stickers and band aids #3 Name: Liam Age: 16 Gender: male (they/them) Aesthetic: goth Outfit: whatever you want Accessories: what ever you want And for the request could you draw them? If this is too much stress you don’t have to do all of them

  • > TotallyNotCass Great! So for the adopts, just give me a basic description for each (name, age, gender (& pronouns), aesthetic, outfit (top/s, bottom/s, shoes, accessories) for each And for the request: just link me the character :3


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  • Your not a failure

  • I love your artstyle. It’s adorable so u ain’t a failure

  • Nooo you're not faillure at art qwq Your art style is one of the cutest ones I've ever seen~! Please believe in yourself, because I really do~!!

  • No, you’re not a failure at art, in fact your art is amazing! and btw how do you draw the hair that poofy? I always try to draw fluffy hair but it just turns into a messy cloud :/


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  • You're irl friends are fake friends! You shouldn't listen to them, they're idiots They're blind because they couldn't see how amazing you are We're always here for you~! You can always talk to me, I'm always here~!! (But honestly, I experienced worse than that so don't be sad~!!)

  • aww i hope you feel better soon none of those things are true ❤❤❤

  • I'm so sorry you feel this, I know how this feels just remember, everyone is here for you and please don't forget that hope you feel better

  • I understand u, that's why I already do not have any friends


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OTA | [OPEN 1/2]

  • > TotallyNotCass :) thx~!! :D

  • > ~°•XxWolfy!pico_modexX•°~ I accept your offer!

  • For one I offer 3 headshots requests, 1 half body request, and 2 custom adopts ^^

  • For 1 I'll offer 2 headshots and a full body drawing (you choose the characters)


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FNaF AU stufff (read des if you want)

  • > TotallyNotCass Oh~ ok well i hope u find more and enn is my fav character cuz he has been through so much! BTW i think enn is a boy idk what do u think also why is he ur fave too i just what to know......

  • > FNAF_YeEt i wish i could get more of the plush's but its really hard to find them where i am qwq

  • > TotallyNotCass oh i have enn,mangle,rock star foxy,Baby,lolbit,El chip,Balora, original foxy,Lefty i think dat all...

  • > FNAF_YeEt he is my favorite character too but i dont have his plush i only have foxy, vanny and rockstar freddy


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Headshot adopts| OTA [Closed]

  • > TotallyNotCass yay! just tell me what ya want when you decide!

  • > Tak I accept your offer!

  • hi, hi, hi! for number one i shalt offer 4 requests (because i have never done an ota and i have no idea what im doing- also i would offer a couple of the souls i have collected, but im not sure you want that-)