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Elena (OC )

  • > Mamibangchbi 👍🏻

  • Bonne chance!!

  • > Kiri Hehe, 😁 Thank you!

  • Crazy good


Illustrations has been published.

Kumiko Kanayama - OC

  • > Gauravi Mungekar You're welcome!^0^

  • > Mamibangchbi Yeaaa! 🤩 I never thought My art can reach level 4 in the Artstreet, hehe.... But here it is. Thank you!

  • Félicitation pour votre niveau 4!!!

  • > Mamibangchbi Thank you very much! 😊


Illustrations has been published.

Stairs and pillars

  • > haruka-Su Haha, yes yes 😅👍🏻

  • Oh, I understand what you are talking about. I have also watched the painting video of "Wlop- Stairs"! Did you know? That said, I confirmed your stairs, but the stairs and background you painted look more like Golden yellow so much that it looks like an Egyptian palaceXD

  • > haruka-Su Thank you ! Yes, similar to this but it's somewhat realted to Ghostblade character iceprincess(Wlop original Character) took that sence as a reference. If you want to know search for Wlop- Stairs. You will know what I am saying.

  • Oh, this is very beautiful, it reminds me of the Egyptian palace, it’s like the stairs of the Egyptian palaceXD


Illustrations has been published.

Hakurou Kanayama(OC from KnY)

  • Wow, indeed, the peacock is very beautiful, I have never painted a peacock!!!! But your painting is really beautiful!!! Looking forward to seeing your new character!

  • > haruka Yes,peacock is my Favourite Bird. Cool, right. Ya know I did a full body Sketch of this character, just can't wait to finish it up. am So Excited about it. And as always Thank you.

  • WOW!!!!!Peacock ??????SO COOL!!!!!