Welcome to my page!I am kinda a noob at this so hold your eyes on while yo look at my cringey drawings!

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Yo yo yo hello guys I am lauren but you can call me cat my nickname wonder why because I loaf cats! I promise every post on here will have a cat I think lol well I am new here thanks for let me be here bye!
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  • Daphnesorous
    > lauren_draws_22
    You're welcome. It was truly my pleasure to welcome here. And I should also thank your for following me it means a lot!
  • lauren_draws_22
    > Daphnesorous
    Glad to know somebody loves cats as much as i do in this place thanks for being so kind you just earned A FOLLOWER!
  • Daphnesorous
    Hello and welcome! Nice to have you here Lauren! I should follow you then because I love cats! Even if I can't draw them, sadly. I'll learn one day... Anyways I hope you like it here