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Original by Finchberry

1. Real Name: Brenda (:'3)
2. Nickname: (mainly) Burpy, Kermit, Hitler
3. Height: 5'2
4. Gender: Female
5. Can you dance?: Nope
6. Can you sing?: Nope
7. Favorite Song?: Van by Arrested Youth
8. Can you rap?: n o p e
9. Hair Color: Dark Brown
10. Tall Or Short: Short compared to a lot of people :')
11. Sweats Or Jeans: Sweats (I stay inside 99% of the time)
12. R.i.p #12
13. Health Freak: nope
14. Orange Or Apple: Apple-
15. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: yep
16. Guy Friends Or Girl Friends: both
17. Piercings: nope
18: Coke or Pepsi: -Says a complete different answer- 7-Up
19. Have You Been In A Airplane: nope
20. Have You Been In A Relationship: nope
21. Have You Been In A Car Accident: nope
22. Have You Been In A Fist Fight: nope (im a good gorl)
23. First Piercing: n o n e
24. Best Friends: Neyuslie & Majestic_Narwal
25. First Award: forgot
26. First Crush: Some girl in first grade believe-
27. First Word: "quiero titi"
28. Any Talent: Drawing and making my friendos in math laugh until the period is over-
29. Last Person You Talked To: My mom
30. Last Person You Texted: Majestic Narwhal
31. Last Person You Watched a Movie With: My older brother (And hus girlfriend)
32. Last Thing You Ate: Lucky Charms 👌👌👌
33. Last Movie/TV Show You Watched: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
34. Last Song You Listened To: Like people, Like Plastic
35. Last Thing You Bought: Chips
36. Last Person You Hugged: My friendo Eldie 👌
37. Food: Watermelon
38. Drink: Water
39. Bottoms: HMMMMMMM-
40. Flower: Pinguicula grandiflora
41. Animal: Orcas or Whales (can't decide)
42. Color: Can't decide
43. Movie: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
44. Subject: Art (Even though I don't have it this year-)
Have You Ever (Put A X In The Brackets If Yes)
45. [ ]Fallen In Love With Someone
46. [ ]Had Your Heart Broken
47. [X ]Celebrated Halloween
48. [X ]Went Over The Texts/Minutes In Your Phone
49. [X ]Had Someone Like You
50. [X ]Hated The Way Someone Changed
51. [ ]Got Pregnant
52. [ ] Had An Abortion
53. [X ]Did Something You Regret (Multiple)
54. [X ]Broken A Promise
55. [X ]Hid A Secret
56. [X ]Pretend To Be Happy
57. [X ]Met Someone Who Has Changed Your Life
58. [X ]Pretended To Be Sick
59. [ ] Left The Country (One day hopefully ;w;)
60. [X ] Tried Something You Normally Wouldn't Try And Liked It
61. [X ]Cried Over The Silliest Thing
62. [ ] Ran A Mile
63. [X ]Gone To The Beach With Your Best Friend
64. [ ]Gotten Into A Argument With Your Friends (Friendly yet stupidly Funny ones)
65. [X ] Disliked Someone
66. [X ] Stayed Single For Two Years Since The First Time You Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Or Been Single Forever
67. Eating: Ceral
68. Drinking: Water
69. Listening To: Nothing-
70. Sitting Or Laying: Laying
71. Plans For Today: None
72. Waiting For: Something to happen
73. Want Kids: Depends really-
74. Want To Get Married: Maybe-
75. Want To Travel: yes
~What Do You Look For In A Partner:~
76. Lips Or Eyes: either
77. Shorter Or Taller: either
78. Younger Or Older: either
79. Romantic Or Spontaneous: either
80. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant: I Dunno dude
81. Hook Up Or Relationship: Relationship
82. Looks Or Personality: personality
~Have You Ever:~
83. Lost Glasses: nope
84. Snuck Out Of The House: yep- (I was a baby that knew how to lock the doors behind me)
85. Held A Gun Or Knife In Self Defense: yep
86. Killed Somebody: nope. (Tho I did kill some animals when I was younger- I was a violent kid-)
87. Broke Someones Heart: I dunno man
88. Been In Love: nope
89. Cried When Someone Died: n o p e
~Do You Believe In:~
90. Yourself: yes
91. Miracles: no
92. Love At First Sight: Meh
93. Heaven: nope
94. Santa Clause: nope
95. Aliens: yes
96. Ghosts/Angels: yea sure
97. Is There One Person You Truly Want to be With Right Now: yes
98. Do You Know Who Your Real Friends Are: Yep
99. Do You Believe In God: Sir/Mam this is a atheist channel hub-

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