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  • > Raphael Day thank you!!!!

  • > cemretheshipper thank you!!

  • This is really quite cool! The pages are nice and clean, your character work is solid and the variety of camera angles you chose along with the energy within each panel makes for a smooth reading experience. If I were to give one criticism it would be that I am not sure about the line you add next to the nose when the face is at a slight angle (e.g. 3/4). I would look up Shun Saeki's work (e.g. Food Wars) because it's a very hard line to pull off and he seems to somehow be able to do it.

  • maybe it's absurd to say this but such a cute story and great illustrations,I recommend reading<3


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Magellan's Cross

  • Hey hey Idol, your story is good and has a lot of potential. I wanna try to enter the contest of next manga available. I want to dream to get serialized at shonen jump. Can you help me? Atleast giving some advice and talk a lot of things about manga stuff or anime.

  • Siguro hindi mo ako natandaan pero nakita kita personal nung nasa MOA ka.... isa ako sa mga nag-commission sa iyo ng drawing mo na hindi ko ito makalimutan.... Good Luck na lang po kung sino deserving sa Contest kahit at least runner up tayo :3

  • Matinding kalaban to pero Good Luck nalang po sa contest! XD

  • > Orion Fight Thanks for the encouragement !


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  • Nice! Your actions sequences have greatly improved since I first met you!

  • Wow! Loved this! Great work! (^^)

  • > Skulltercore Thank u!!

  • > =Black Phantom= Henshin pose** ? :D


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Royal Magic Gala

  • A good read.its one of the best battle mangas here

  • Awesome art and story. Will be there a continuation of the story?

  • Nice art and script, captivating chars. Great!

  • Amazing the story line the ideas of how the boy comes out and be like"i'm here to take the Princess"Its Cool!! I have a question did you use manga papers or did you do on online?