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  • Very fun and adorable! There is some confusion in a few panels, and it ends a little abruptly, but I love Tatsu's antics and seeing the fight system unfold. It has a lot of opportunity to unfold into something new with every chapter!

  • The idea seems like it would be super mainstream! Like Pokémon but with knights as the trainers! Though the art doesn't hook me from the beginning. Maybe make the beginning more interesting (Sorry I couldn’t read the whole thing my phone isn’t working lol). The art is good, but feels a little mater-of-fact. Maybe more action lines (I’m not a pro so I’m really not the best to give art advice lol). If you improved the formate and art, I think it would be professional grade! Keep up the good work!


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YoRHa 2B

  • > Rena Thank you!

  • 2B is amazing!! I like your drawing so much

  • Good!

  • > ryai Np keep it up Everything about this is just outstanding