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I've published my new manga for contest

Well, what is the good sentence for celebrating something? Oh right... WABBA LABBA DUB DUB, BABY!!!

Finally I finished my one-shot for the contest. But to be honest, I'm not really proud at it, I don't know if that's worth it or not. For the story itself, I really was changing almost everything, and the art... To be honest, I can make better if there is more time (Well, seriously, I really am take my time to develop my characters, so I do research and didn't think about time, and yesterday I made 5 pages in a day and I didn't sleep in 25 hours, more or less).

So, for the characters, I don't know you guys will like the new Quen I made, but that is an actual Quen. I mean, when I get published, I really want to made Quen that way, but for the one-shot, I don't know if this will be worth it or not. Because, I am really sure, if you read my manga just a half, or not finish to read it, you just end up hating Quen because he's a d*ck, to be honest. But, there is something unique about him (Atleast that's what I think). Well, I don't want to spoil too much, so please, whoever you are, if you read this, just read my manga, okay? And leave the critique for me, I will listen what you're saying, even maybe sometimes I will get mad, but that's just... You know, human behavior?
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  • MortalMangaka
    > Rest In Peace
    Let me clarify, I understood the plot initially for sure. But a lot of times I needed to reread what was being said and go back to really get the dialogue.

    I do think dialogue is the easiest thing to fix however, especially if you find a writer to proof read or help edit it. I did think it was a difficult read, but it's not far off from where it needs to be in my opinion.
  • Naufal Mashiro
    > Rest In Peace
    i think he means your grammar is kinda off.
  • Rest In Peace
    > MortalMangaka
    Oh yeah, can i ask you something? When you said "hard to undertand everything", do you mean you don't understand "everything", or you just don't understand some part of them.

    Because if you're clearly don't understand everything, now I get paranoid, I know this is for contest and I know this is going to be translated by medibang team, but I'm scared that they just will say "f*ck this one, we don't understand"
  • Rest In Peace
    > MortalMangaka
    Well, the script is just like that to made my character like more... live? Well, if you realize, I guess just Quen alone who said something that, hard to understand? I don't know
  • mariocavettSTUDIO