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A lot of contest that really interest me

I know I already enter the Shonen Jump Universal and 2nd Weekly Shonen Magazine contest, but why not? I'm not sure I can win those two contest, especially for 2nd Weekly Shonen Magazine, the story I made is too complicated (Even though I still have hope for my manga in Shonen Jump Universal, My Wish). Here's a thing. There's still not yet an announcement for the winner in Shonen Jump Universal, so if I not get the serialization, I will enter Kyoto International contest with my old story, my wish of course.

I know I ever want to enter MCPO manga award, and that is not worth it. I mean, I made the comic and it's almost done, but when I read it again, that is not good at all. So I re-created my manga again with the same concept, and guess what... that is not worth it again, even though I guess the story is still better than my manga that called 'my own world'. So don't to worry for the deadline, I can draw with faster, at least 2 pages per day and I don't need to think again for the story.
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