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Illustrations has been published.


  • How???!!! Your artworks are so spectacular! I love it! You seriously deserve more attention!

  • > きツね You're welcome!

  • > kkkcro thank you for supporting me!!

  • That [csxueqin] is an idiot, just ignore him, he has been cursing in other people's comment area. Your paintings are beautiful! !!


Illustrations has been published.

コウモリ擬人化 girl waifu

  • > Jun-Kun6v6 thank you for your kindness

  • > きツね yea i’m sure u weren’t trying to insult anyone, ur a very talented artist tho. it’s a really good piece despite all the stuff that happened

  • > Jun-Kun6v6 I wanna apologize to everyone too. Thank you for letting me realize this problem and your concern about Asia

  • > きツね i’m glad u changed the name tho, cuz corona can actually be a problem and in all seriousness, i want to apologize to everyone, cuz what i said was a bit disrespectful. ur art is very nice tho.


Illustrations has been published.


  • > T Kid thank you🥰

  • > ありがとうあ 問題ない!彼女はかわいこちゃんです!

  • > T Kid ありがとうございます!!