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My New Sona

His name is Emotion and he is my sona/main character. He is the most powerful of his kind, the Aukos. Emotion is the master of disguise and can change his colors by emotions or whenever he wants. He can even change his voice and eyes too. He can make himself seem like somebody else an no one will know. This is why he is the master of disguise. He is very sensitive too and his colors will easily change by his emotions. He is a trickster and can change his abilities also. It makes him overpowered, but people can get on his nerves and make him upset/sad easily. He basically morphs into other people or into his own Aukos creation and no one will ever know it’s him. He would morph or change so nobody picks on him.
The picture above is what he was born like and it is the original him and not the morphed/changed Emotion. He has rainbow blood
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