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Changing the name of my Account!

I'm changing my Account name! I've decided to call it Leafclan93 instead of Candyflower93! Thanks to Lunar The Dreamer for suggesting it!
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  • Leafclan93
    > Aesthetic Alligator
    Thank you, but you draw really good as well. We all have our own style, and I think yours is cool. I always think there is room for improvement, and no one's perfect.
    I am doing tutorials however on how I draw eyes, and how I do shading. I also post the WIP version of my art before I post it sometimes.
  • Aesthetic Alligator
    You draw cats amazingly... Oof :'0
    There's no way that I could make my warrior cat comics be taken seriously when I draw cats so chibi...
    Teach me your waysssss :'0